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Feb 5, 2007 12:46 PM

Where have I not had sushi in MSP?

I need help, since the internets aren't always up to date it seems.

My husband and I have sushi on the 2nd Thursday of every month as our "date night" (our first date was at Origami on the 2nd Thursday of November, 2004). We are trying to hit every sushi restaurant in the MSP metro area. I feel like we're missing places, or new places have sprung up and I haven't heard about them. Here are the places we've been, tell me what we're missing:

Fuji Ya in Minneapolis
Sushi Tango
Saji Ya
Yumi (is that the name, in Excelcier (which I also can't spell)?)
King's (mostly Korean but has sushi)
Martini Blu
Sushi place near Southdale Mall (closed now)

So, there's a new Fuji-Ya in St Paul? And I know there's at least one sushi place in Maple Grove that Dara reviewed recently - are there others? Did I read something about a new place in Roseville or Woodbury? And Katsu sushi doesn't exist anymore, right? Any suburban places we're missing (we've never been to Origami West - I guess we should go)? Would you consider Chino Latino a sushi restaurant?

We also have a gift certificate to Benihana so we'll be going there soon, much to my chagrin. We've been to Ichiban for tapanyaki and the place creeps me out, but I guess for the sake of purity we should go for sushi.

Thank you!

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  1. Origami Ridgedale
    Tiger Sushi -Mall of america can't vouch for quality

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    1. re: doogette

      Tiger Sushi at the Mall is actually very good...

    2. I'm impressed! You should be able to speak definitively about the best sushi in town, and put the debate to rest.

      I don't know if I'd call Chino Latino a sushi restaurant, but they do have it on their menu.

      I just noticed a new place across the parking lot from the Rainbow Foods just west of Southtown Mall (across Penn Ave., next to the Target). It's some kind of "Asian Buffet & Sushi." Try at your own peril.

      1. Ok, I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I've been eshewing sushi in the Twin Cities on the basis that I was really really picky about the sushi places I patronized when I was on the coast. I would only eat at the places that were reputed to have the freshest, highest quality fish and the very best handling techniques. I was certainly no expert, but I was always just very particular. I've been afraid to venture out here because I assume everything here has to sit on a plane from whereever just that much longer. I know this is a really piggish, snobbish attitude and I apologize in advance for it. I will also say that, in general, I try to enjoy what this region does best and what's prepared with local ingredients, which does also explain in part why I haven't been tempted by sushi. Not all of my aversion has been due to my extreme piggish attitude.

        Help me mend my ways, if you would.

        In general, what are the sources of the sushi fish in the Twin Cities? Can they be as fresh as I'm used to? (I'm sure at least one of you will tell me it's fresher here...and I'm open to hearing that, and the reason of course.) Of all the sushi places you've been to, which would you say has the freshest, most exceptional quality of fish and do you know what their source is?

        Embarrassed, but sincerely yours,


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        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          Coastal seafood is NOT a good sushi grade vendor. The Good fish comes from Chicago from true world foods. Only the cheap restaurants use local fish suppliers because the price is cheaper.

        2. Coastal Seafood is the best known fish distributor in the area.

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          1. re: doogette

            So, you're thinking that Coastal Seafoods is providing most of the sushi fish to restaurants in the area?


            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              no, the sushi places and the other seafood places fly in their own or go thru that distributor off of broadway/wash that picks up fish from MSP 3-4 times each day. very fresh fish. they only do fish. whatdaheckisthenameagain?

            2. re: doogette

              Keep in mind too that the better sushi/seafood places in town also fly-in their own.

            3. It would be my first suspect. They have a lot of clients, a good rate and a high enough turn rate to have the freshest fish.