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Feb 5, 2007 12:43 PM

Best croissant from Chicago bakery

I love croissants. Anyone know of a great bakery with an exceptional croissant? I need to satisfy this craving!

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  1. My favorite in town in Vanille Patisserie. Sinfully buttery. The other one I remember liking quite a bit is Fox & Obel's.

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    1. Sweet thang on milwaukee- most authentic and delicious croissants this side of the atlantic. (everyone who works there is french)

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      1. re: pierrot

        same with Vanille. Also voted the Best Croissant in Chicago by chicago Tribune!

      2. thanks pierrot and jjo!!

        1. Aren't most of the employees at Sweet Thang Moroccan? Or some other francophone north african nation?

          Anyway, Sweet Thang, Fox and Obel, and Vanille are, indeed, probably your best bets. There's also a product you can order that ships frozen and par-baked, and you finish it in your own oven. Pretty expensive though, at about $3 per frozen pain au chocolat or croissant.

          For what it's worth, I give the edge to Vanille for the pain au chocolat. Sweet Thang's are undeniably tasty, but the pastry is very puffy and is missing the crispy eggwashed top that really makes a croissant and pain au chocolat shine.

          1. Not in Chicago but Cocoa Bean in Geneva, IL has incredible Croissants!! They are as good as any I had in Europe. The almond croissants are amazing as well!! If you are in the far west burbs, it's a must.