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Feb 5, 2007 12:43 PM

looking for romantic spot in S.F.

have 3 nights in San Francisco with my wife and NOT my 3 kids. eccomendations on a romantic spot with great food?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Can you suggest a price range and type of food you are thinking of? You might try a couple of searches as well - this type of question gets asked often and your best chance of getting responses is to do some searches and ask for input on some that seem interesting to you.

      1. Agreed - if you give us something more in the way of parameters (cuisine, price range, neighborhood, your definition of 'romantic,' where you're coming from, where you're staying, days of the week you'll be here, etc) you have a better chance. A search would also turn up many of the same suggestions.

        I'll throw out a couple - Aziza, Luella, Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton.

        1. Silks (Mandarin Oriental) is very good.

          1. if budget isn't an issue, the dining room at the ritz gets my vote for most romantic restaurant in the city. but it's very expensive - hard to get out for under $500 for two if you get wine. but worth every penny if you appreciate fine dining. if you want something more reasonable and homey, try Clementine on Clement street in the Richmond. It's one of my wife and I's favorite date places. Firefly on 24th in Noe Valley also fits into the "neighborhood romantic" category, imho.