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Feb 5, 2007 12:29 PM

PHX - lunch spots near 83rd ave and thunderbird?

My office just moved from Tempe to 83rd Ave and Thunderbird. I'm looking for some recommendations for lunch as well as coffee/smoothie joints. Thanks!

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  1. There are some great places to eat in your new area.
    Between T-bird and Bell on 83rd. there are a bunch of chain restaurants which I try to avoid,but almost every chain known to Phoenix is crammed into that area.
    The downside is that area is so new there aren't a lot of established indies.But there are some.
    There is Dillon's at T-bird and the 101,great place to eat !! Best onion rings in town and I've never had a bad meal there,the service is always very good.
    For Thai there are a couple of really good places My favorite is Chanpen Thai on the n.w. corner of 51 st. and T-bird,second choice is Line Thai at 99 th.(s.e. corner) and Bell,both are probably two of the best in Phoenix.
    The new Monestary is right by the Peoria sports complex,I don't know what the address is but it's right behind the Target on Bell between 75th. and 83rd.Not the greatest food but a fun place to go.
    There is also a little Mom and Pop BBQ place in a little strip mall right close to the Harley Davidson dealer just north of the Harkins movie complex on 83rd,I've eaten there once and it was good and not overly expensive.
    At 43rd. and T-bird on the s.e. corner is Casey Jones Grill,I love this place but I don't eat there often because it's very smoky.Hopefully after May it will be smoker free and I'll try it again.Good luck.

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      thanks for all the info... are all of these in the avenues or did you mean street?

      1. re: abbefaith

        Usually an odd number on a major street is an Avenue,even numbers are streets.Streets east of Central/Avenues west of Central.(Phoenix metro area)

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          tried chanpen today for the first time. i loved it, and they have really great lunch specials. thanks. =)

    2. I heard that the Monestary on the west side was closed. Any ideas on that?

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        Yes, both Central Phoenix and Peoria are closed. Only Mesa remains at this time:

      2. Chanpen Thai is really good, but I think Line Thai may take the edge, as far as atmosphere and having better lunch specials. But twodogs is definitely right in they're both worth going out of your way for. At the same intersection ( 99th & Bell) is a burger place that I can't remember the name of, but is worth a stop. Also at 83rd & Union Hills is Cocomo Joe's, for upscale Mexican, and there's a good noodle shop in that plaza as well. And Majarajah Palace for Indian, on Bell, is a great stop.

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        1. re: themis

          Speaking of Indian restaurants on Bell Road, I've noticed a new place at the SE corner of 43rd Ave and Bell called "Tandoori Village." Has anyone tried it?

          1. re: silverbear

            We've been once, not too long after it opened. I can't remember exactly what we ordered, but the food had a nice spicy heat, not overwhelming but noticeable. I do recall that we ordered one of the stuffed naans, and decided next time we will just get the regular naan because we didn't think the stuffing added a lot of flavor. Our server seemed to be a Pacific Islander who didn't know much about the Indian food. We will definitely go back because it's pretty close to our house.

            1. re: kittyfood

              Thanks for the report. I get over that way once in a while and maybe I'll give it a try.

            1. re: johnseberg

              John, I think they changed hands and now are called Benny's. Haven't been since the name change.

            2. re: themis

              tried maharaja palace for the first time today. you can't beat the lunch buffet for 6.95!!!!! the naan was out of this world... almost like a crepe. yummy! thanks for the recommendation. =)

            3. I live on T-bird and 91st ave. There is mostly chains, but I like Heidie's Deli behind the Chase bank on 83rd ave for sandwiches (they have smoothies). There is a new sushi place in that same area. Not been there at all. I also give a vote for Dillon's. Good food, excellent onion rings and mushrooms. The bbq place next to the Harley shop is called AZ BBQ and is good. Firebirds (west coast chain) is very nice for lunch if your looking for something a little nicer.

              There is El Charro Bravo (these guys did Ajo Al's) for OK mexican food. Heck if your in a rush, there is a Costco a mile North for a quick hot dog or pizza slice. There is a chinese place on 91st & T-bird called Chang Lee (they deliver) the bbq pork fried rice is awsome. I like their egg rolls too.

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                my office is right by heidi's so i've tried that and the sushi place! i actually really liked their sushi if you haven't had it yet. i think it's called kabuki. they also had great green tea made the authentic way. yum!

                i'll have to try chang lee. thanks!

              2. I heard that the Peoria Monastery is going to become another Salty Senorita!