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Any restaurants/chefs committed to Local Foods?

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Does anyone know of any places in Manhattan that are dedicated/trying to use local foods and seasonal ingredients. Basically a Chez Panisse of NY.

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    1. Tasting Room and Telepan immediately come to mind.

        1. The chefs at Hearth and Tocqueville do a lot of their shopping at the Union Square Greenmarket.

          1. applewood in brooklyn -- do a search on haute barnyard to get more

            1. TOCQUEVILLE
              went for the first time a couple weeks ago, after putting off the recommendations from others. it was just lovely. the room was serene and clean and pleasant, the food was equisite and the service was fantastic. and as said before, they get most of their ingredients from the u.square market, and our server told us about everything in such fabulous detail, especially for real foodies... she even described the process they undertake for making their own butter and ice cream in the restaurant.