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Feb 5, 2007 12:18 PM

Pre-theater Birthday Tapas!

Hello everyone!

I'm taking a friend of mine for his birthday to see a show in Times Square Wednesday. Does anyone know of a delicious tapas place, which doesn't have to be nearby, with tasty wines? (He loves that vino!) I have no problem with shelling out $100-130 (possibly a high estimate for two people, but I am figuring in wine). Ideally I'd really like a relaxed place where we can just sit for awhile and really enjoy everything.

Please help fellow Chowhounders!!

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  1. I really like Sala 19 on 19th, betw 5th and 6th Avenue. It has great vino and the food is tasty and shareable. It's a very neighborhood-type place which is why I return a lot.

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      I'll definitely investigate it! Thanks!

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        I've been to Sala quite a few times and would second the recommendation - it's a low-key kind of place where you can linger comfortably. The food is great and they have a good wine selection. They have a location on the Bowery too (can't remember exact address, sorry!) but that's probably too out of the way for Times Sq, and the 19th st location is just as nice. Be sure to get the stuffed dates and the fried goat cheese with carmelized onions - two amazing dishes.

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          Most helpful! Thanks alot! i can't wait to taste those dates!

    2. I tried Tintol, on 46th bet. 6th and Bway last week. The atmosphere wasn't touristy, the staff was knowledgable, and the wine selection was nice. Not the most outstanding tapas I've ever had (very good but not thrilling) but an unexpectedly nice experience considering the location. They have their menu on their website and you can't really beat the location for pre-theater tapas.

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        Thanks! But where was the most outstanding tapas you've ever had?

      2. definitely Sala on 19th street. I was also at Xunta Tapas Bar on 1st ave and tenth street. from what i remember the food was pretty good (went there a long time ago). service is pretty terrible but its very relaxed and again, the food is decent. That being said, go to Sala.

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        1. Get the pork tostas (sandwich). It is so good and has cheese all over it. I second the stuffed dates appetizer rec.

          1. Spain, of course! :) but in NY, I also like Xuntas on 1st bet 10th and 11th...mixed reviews but everytime I've been its been great. Those bacon wrapped dates are so delish. Good portions of meat and cheese plates too. A more divey atmosphere, but a huge menu and IMO, a more relaxed pacing to the meal (maybe due to bad service?). Its definitely not your best bet in the wine department though.
            I've heard good things about Kashkaval ( but I've never been. Not exactly strictly "Spanish" tapas, but a tapas-like menu and a good wine list. And still a convenient location.

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