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Feb 5, 2007 11:59 AM

Marina Del rey area any recommendations

Last minute meeting tonight in Marina Del Rey. Haven't been over there in years. Anything interesting on Abbot Kinney, or anywhere else nearby. Just want to catch something with a friend before the meeting. Any type of food is fine.

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  1. There's a lot on the board about Abbot Kinney and Marina del Rey restaurants -- if you search, you'll find several threads.

    How much time and money do you want to spend? Is atmosphere important? Any food you really like? Do you have a favorite restuarant in mind, but want to find something similar in Marina del Rey?

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    1. re: ElissaInPlaya

      I probably opened up a can of worms. Food over atmosphere, seafood, asian, eclectic, anything other then Italian, Pizza and Mex. low to moderate price. I mentioned Abbot Kinney, because a few years ago I drove down there and saw some busy places.

      1. re: LuigiOrtega


        Singapore Express. Super yummy, super cheap, sit outside tonight. Everything is excellent. In the Starbucks center at the corner of Maxella and Lincoln.


        I recommend Akbar (Indian) on Washington, just West of Lincoln. Moderately priced, but nice atmosphere.


        Outlaws --in Playa del Rey on Culver - for meat and beer. (lots of diff choices for both). Sit outside, very casual.

        1. re: ElissaInPlaya

          My friend is running late and our meeting is one block from Maxella and lincoln. SO guess where we are heading. Thanks for the advice, this was so helpfull I can't tell you.

          1. re: LuigiOrtega

            I'm going to take that advice, too.

            My dry cleaner is in that lot ... I'm gonna have to stop in.


    2. Beechwood Bar has a good ambience and decent food. If I am not mistaken, they have a sort of rip-off of the fine burger and sweet potato fries ala Father's Office in Santa Monica.

      1. my favorite is cafe del rey.

        1. Marina Del Rey is big and if you include as far away as Abbott Kinney (which to me is Venice) and it's even bigger.

          So, any rec is a shot in the dark.

          Here are a few:

          There's Tajrish. It's persian food with lots of fresh and interesting flavors. It's on Washington going towards the ocean on the south side of the street.

          There's 26 Beach, also on Washington, close to Lincoln, with excellent burgers and salads. It gets lots of play here on the board.

          In the big Marina shopping center, I've had a good meal at Antica Pizza. It's above Gelson's. I've eaten the Italian food there, not the pizza.

          There is a good Thai place next door to Baja Cantina.

          I like Island's, even though it's a chain. It's on Washington, too.

          On Admiralty Way, I love Cafe Del Rey, but that's fancier and maybe not right for a quick, pre-meeting meal.

          Truly, someone else could do a list of 10 other places, this is just to get you started.

          Tajrish is really good, to me, that's where I'd go for a sort of quick but enjoyable bite before a meeting.

          1. Checked out Singapore Express last night (I said my dry cleaners was two doors down).

            It was a very quick dinner for my son and I after rugby practice.

            I had Thai chicken over rice, he had pad thai chicken

            Chicken was delicious, though a tiny bit bland. I didn't use the sweet sauce they provided (don't like sweet things) and totally blew it by not adding the hot sauce from the table. But very moist, well cooked half chicken. We each had an egg roll and it was fine -- more of a crunch benefit to offset the chicken, but good.

            He loved the pad thai, he's 10 btw.

            Place was jamming and everyone was really friendly. Talked to some people in there and they were clearly regulars. Everyone had high praise.

            One thing that is tough for me in thai food is that I really eat few starches/carbs. So, anything with noodles doesn't appeal to me very much. Anything with rice doesn't appeal to me much. (The chicken came with rice and I only had a few forkfuls to taste.) The curry has potatoes in it. That's on me, I admit, but it does sort of reduce my choices and my enjoyment of Thai food. Still, I'd like to go back with the whole family so we can try more things.

            One last comment: Portions were huge. Neither of us came close to finishing. We easily could have shared on order of egg rolls and one main dish. As it stands, the 15-year-old son had leftovers last night and the 10 year old took two pieces of Thai chicken for lunch today.