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I need seared scallops- who has the best?

Have a major hankering for some giant, plump seared scallops. Ideally would like to go somewhere between Hollywood and Pasadena. Just need scallops. Now. Thank you.

Tuna Toast: http://tokyoastrogirl.blogspot.com/

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  1. The diver scallops at the water grill. perfectly seared, oh so good.

    1. Providence always has my favorite scallops, all with different preparations. I'm not sure if they're in the rotation on the menu right now since it changes daily, but I believe they are on the tasting menu as of the menu. It may be a situation where you'd have to call to find out that day.

      1. Agree with previous posts...I'd add The Raymond in S.Pasadena, Maison Akira, Dereks, and Ritz-Carlton Huntington (all in Pasadena). I like them with the edges slightly caramelized and browned, tender but not raw or translucent in the middle. These all met the test. Last time at Parkway Grill they had barely touched the pan and seemed flabby, and tho fresh, I ended up taking most of them home, and "finishing" them in the pan the next night (yum). For a cheap fix, Senor Fish used to have the scallop burrito, but they can do them without folding into the tortilla...also possibly Gerlachs Grill?

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          Oh, Cafe Verde on Green St.. Just checked their website - on their current appetizer menu -first up and at 9.95 they might be an easy fix.

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            Yes Senor Fish has a scallop plate. A great deal for the price.

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              Oh, yum. I love that burrito and might have to get one for lunch today!

          2. Kowing your fondness for Bistro K, Laurent does an exquisite Seared Scallop dish.

            1. Two possibilities.

              Mike and Anne's in Pasadena. http://mikeandannes.com/

              And the aforementioned Water Grill. http://watergrill.com/Default.html Although the last time I was there, about 3 weeks ago, they did not have scallops on the menu.

              Also, you might want to try Sea Harbour in Rosemead. Wonderfully plump and large scallops braised, not seared however, in a great lemongrass-garlic sauce.

              1. I'd go for the scallops and pancetta appetizer at Arroyo Chop House, just order two appertizer portions and some sides, and forget about the steak. I love their scallops, wrapped in some crisp pancetta and laying on a pool of a sort of sweet sauce the melding of the scallop, bacon and sauce are ambrosial, and I never share them with my dining companions (all for me, hah, hah!)

                1. Elementary, PROVIDENCE, best in LA. MC has some special supplier (Nancy's from Maine) overnight from the East Coast, the BEST!.

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                    A number of restaurants in LA get their scallops from Nancy of Deer Island, Maine. Water Grill is the best in my opinion. Her divers harvest the scallops twice a week.

                  2. Guys, I'm so sorry but, on your recommendation, I went to the Water Grill for my scallops last night (New Year's Eve) and the only dish that was worth the price was the one that the chef sent to our table for free. Don't get me wrong - the food is GOOD, but not GREAT. They paired the scallops (a little overcooked, in my and my date's opinion) with an apple puree and roasted squash that didn't really work all together. The quality of the scallop itself is great, but the cooking method...lacked in flavor. And not worth the $40.
                    The clam chowder was really good, I have to say. But the taste I was looking for was more like the truffle seared scallops that Amalfi Ristoranti on La Brea had for a season a year ago (they didn't answer and they weren't on their menu online, but if you're reading this looking for some scallops, call them. It's not an item normally on the menu, but if they confirm they have them - served on top of fluffly mashed potatoes - it is an appetizer that is worth the trip out in the cold weather).

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                      "Dorothea999" were the scallops on top of some cooked greens like spinach and the greens were resting on a mound of some mashed potatoes? I happened to have those at Room 5 above Amalfi about 6 weeks ago. I was told it was one of the specials that night. It was very good. I go to Room 5 to hear musics (mostly on Mondays). To be honest I never had seared scallops so I'm no expert, but it was mighty tasty.

                    2. Regarding the Water Grill, I dont think you can fairly judge a restaurant by the experience onfNew Years eve, Valentines day or Mother's day. But especially New Years eve when the best of them are short staffed and plan limited, often mass produced menues. Good seafood is so hard to come by these days. I love a good scallop. I like them grilled crispy on the outside soft on the inside; deep fried are great too.

                      1. Bashan in Glendale has fantastic seared to perfection scallops!!

                        1. One of the best things that Jiraffe was known for when they first opened was a seared scallop dish. I don't know if they are still doing it, but if so it would be worth the visit.

                          Jiraffe Restaurant
                          502 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90401

                          1. I went for the 5 course anniversary dinner at Grace and their seared scallops were the best Ive ever had. It was paired with a goat cheese spinach risotto.
                            Ive also tried scallops encrusted in some kind of nut at Little Door but I went back and they no longer had it. It was on a bed of a cous cous.

                            1. far niente in glendale frequently has seared divers scallops. they are not on the menu and are only available when the owner can get them fresh, so call ahead. they are delicious - ask them to serve them over their fried shoestring potatoes.

                              Far Niente Ristorante
                              204 1/2 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91203