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Feb 5, 2007 11:55 AM

I need seared scallops- who has the best?

Have a major hankering for some giant, plump seared scallops. Ideally would like to go somewhere between Hollywood and Pasadena. Just need scallops. Now. Thank you.

Tuna Toast:

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  1. The diver scallops at the water grill. perfectly seared, oh so good.

    1. Providence always has my favorite scallops, all with different preparations. I'm not sure if they're in the rotation on the menu right now since it changes daily, but I believe they are on the tasting menu as of the menu. It may be a situation where you'd have to call to find out that day.

      1. Agree with previous posts...I'd add The Raymond in S.Pasadena, Maison Akira, Dereks, and Ritz-Carlton Huntington (all in Pasadena). I like them with the edges slightly caramelized and browned, tender but not raw or translucent in the middle. These all met the test. Last time at Parkway Grill they had barely touched the pan and seemed flabby, and tho fresh, I ended up taking most of them home, and "finishing" them in the pan the next night (yum). For a cheap fix, Senor Fish used to have the scallop burrito, but they can do them without folding into the tortilla...also possibly Gerlachs Grill?

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          Oh, Cafe Verde on Green St.. Just checked their website - on their current appetizer menu -first up and at 9.95 they might be an easy fix.

          1. re: Local

            Yes Senor Fish has a scallop plate. A great deal for the price.

            1. re: PurpleTeeth

              Oh, yum. I love that burrito and might have to get one for lunch today!

          2. Kowing your fondness for Bistro K, Laurent does an exquisite Seared Scallop dish.

            1. Two possibilities.

              Mike and Anne's in Pasadena.

              And the aforementioned Water Grill. Although the last time I was there, about 3 weeks ago, they did not have scallops on the menu.

              Also, you might want to try Sea Harbour in Rosemead. Wonderfully plump and large scallops braised, not seared however, in a great lemongrass-garlic sauce.