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Restaurants in Oxford, Mississippi

I'm interested in fancy as well as home-style.

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  1. This link is to the definitive Oxford thread here on Chowhound. Sorry, but I don't have the energy to type it all up. Post your findings!


    1. My friend unfortunately the best food in Oxford today is at Oxford University Club which is private. City Grocery turns out some great food but it's a small place that gets too loud when there's a crowd. I like the OUC because it's large and convenient and there's good food. They just lost there chef last week but a new one's coming next week. I can't promise the food will be as good as in the past but it was excellent. I would be happy to invite you as my guest if I knew when you were coming.

      Don't waste your time at L&M. No atmosphere, food is strange, don't go. 208 is good if not excellent. Bypass Downtown Grill except for lunch, view of the Square and drinks late at night. Ajax's is good for lunch. If you are young and looking for bar food and drinks go to Proud Larry's, City Grocery, Old Venice Pizza and The Library for late night action. Good luck. Bon Appetit.

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        I have to reply to this. The food at L&M is strange? How so? It's a northern Italian menu with house-cured meats--arguably the best region for food in the world. The chef studied under Mario Batali and is one of the most respected chefs in the southeast--including New Orleans. The chef's tasting is one of the most reasonably priced and great meals you can get between Atlanta and New Orleans.

        I would suggest that you posting about a "convenient and large" private club that just lost their chef is strange.

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          Next time you are in New Orleans, try Cochon. It is absolutely outstanding and offers probably the best food for the money anywhere.

      2. Thanks for the info. I'll let you know what I find.

        1. I need to weigh in on this. I was in Oxford in November and ate well, thanks to the folks on this board. L & M was fabulous! It was by far the best food in Oxford - the cured meats and pasta were fabulous. City Grocery was good, but a distant second. Ajax was great for lunch.

          1. That's good to hear, Piranha. N. Mississippi and the Delta have some great, great places to eat. Incredibly overall eating in Greenwood is even better thanks to all those "commercial" ranges being sold by Viking and now that they have Mockingbird Bakery. (I wish Oxford had a great hotel like the Alluvian.) However, L&M is pretty much my favorite place to eat in the South now, including Atlanta and New Orleans. Makes me want to camp out at Babbo for a week or two in NYC.

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              Some lady is building one of those "boutique" hotels in Oxford with her divorce money (or was she the mistress, and it's some sort of extortion - I can't remember), so consider your wish granted.

            2. "L&M is pretty much my favorite place to eat in the South now, including Atlanta and New Orleans".............Tater what about Lusco's, Giardinia's and Crystal Grill in Greenwood. Are you telling me you would rather eat at L&M's or your "even better" places in Greenwood. What about Does in Greenville, Nick's in Jackson, Walker's Drive Inn in Jackson, Nick's is probably the best restaurant in MS now that KC's has lost Wally Joe and declined a good bit. I would much rather go to Madidi's in Clarksdale or even Crawdad's in Merigold or even more so Blue Levee in Rosedale than L&M's..........you must like that place a lot.

              What about all the Memphis BBQ and places like Stella, Felecia Suzanne, Encore, Erling Jensen, Jarrett's et al in Memphis. Is L&M better..............

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                I've been to most of those places in Mississippi and all the ones in Memphis, and L&M's is easily the best restaurant in the region. It could survive in New Orleans when very few upscale restaurants in Memphis and Mississippi could. Doe's is a good steak, but it isn't fine or even upscale dining. Nick's is decent but nothing special. Maddidi is very good but not quite as good as L&M's. I'd rate it second in the state. Crawdad's is good but would last maybe a month in New Orleans. All those places in Memphis mentioned are excellent, but L&Ms is arguably better. Then again, if you don't like Northern Italian, then you won't like L&M's. I've never been that impressed with the University Club, and I've experienced some extraordinarily bad service there.

              2. what about all the great lebanese food i hear about coming out of oxford/clarksdale?

                My husband always mentions a road trip there years ago that remains with him mostly because of the amazing experience he had at a local lebanese restaurant.

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                  I think you are talking about the Rabenhorst funeral home in Clarksdale. There is a large lebanese community in the Delta, not so much in Oxford.

                2. I was in Oxford overnight and wandered into Waltz for lunch. It was so great we came back for dinner before leaving town. The decor was gorgeous. Amber colored wood floors, walls of brown and taupe ultrasuede punctuated by chairs in red and orange. I loved the bar/lounge with its 4 semi-circular sofas upholstered in white with large black irregular spots (like giant cow skin).

                  The food was so good we came back for dinner. At lunch we had the Blue Cheese Mountain appetizer ($9.00) - homemade potato chips heated with blue cheese and scallions. My friend had the she-crab soup ($4.00 a cup) and I had the cream of wild mushroom ($3.50). Both were excellent. We then split the caribbean chicken salad ($12.00) which consisted of grilled chicken, mango, red pepper, avacado, wonton strips and mesclun in a vinaigrette. For dessert the gooey butterbar with Irish whiskey crime ($8.00). Very rich, very gooey. Loved it.

                  For dinner we had three appetizers: shanghai shrimp ($12.00), crabcakes ($15.00) and fried green tomatoes ($11.00). Great. We also had the wedge of lettuce salad ($8.00) with blue cheese, almonds and bacon and a grilled pear salad ($13.00). Then the Nutella fondue ($13.00).

                  Service was perfect. Clearly, everyone there is very proud of the restaurant. The only gripe I have is that this place is in Oxford and not Jackson.

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                    L&M Works for me, as well as some of the others mentioned. I never put much stock in Restaurants that require "membership"..If ya pay big $$$$ for membership, what are you going to say...the food stinks??? As for as some Mississippi establishments not making it 30 days in New Orleans..I could name you two dozen + New Orleans Restaurants that wouldn't last 30 days outside of New Orleans. ....

                    Ya gotta love Crystal Grill in Greenwood...Wow some great memories!! Lusco's too!! Then there is Doe's in Greenville...had some great times there also.

                    1. re: Uncle Bob

                      Even if you don't eat at Waltz, go by and have a drink there. It is gorgeous.

                    2. re: JaneWinston

                      I would rather eat at chicken on a stick than at waltz. The "Wedge" - did it come with bleu cheese and bacon bits...creative. Another she-crab soup within the same block on the square...yes. Nutella fondue....thanks SYSCO.

                    3. My husband and I love L & M's and favor it over all others. The food is fabulous. I don't understand the strange food comment posted earlier. There is nothing "strange" about the food at L & M''s only exceptional quality & sophistication. L& M's is one of the few restaurants open for Sunday brunch and the "Eggs in Purgatory" is awesome. We love the atmosphere at Waltz on the Square, new to the Oxford restaurant scene and have had good food experiences as well. City Grocery is probably the most popular in Oxford and the food is consistently good. Shrimp & grits is their signature dish and it is wonderful. 208 is also good with a great bar atmosphere. For burgers, try Proud Larry's across from 208 and for the best, and I mean the best of good ole "Southern" cooking, you've got to have lunch at AJAX, it simply cannot be beat, but be sure to go hungry. One last place to mention is Yocana. You have to drive a bit but the old house atmosphere is welcoming. It's BYOB and the food will not disappoint.

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                        I wholeheartedly agree that L&M is a wonderful place - the charcuterie appetizer plates are unmatched. But I have heard a terrible rumor that it is about to close?? I haven't been to Waltz yet, but have heard great things. I can recommend Ravine, which is out E. Lamar on a County Road in a Bed & Breakfast. Dinner was upscale, inventive and altogether fantastic; brunch not so much, with extremely small portions, but the freshly squeezed orange juice was grand. BYOB. And Yocona River Inn with their wonderful Filet with Yocona Sauce may be my favorite place in the area - well worth the drive. Don't forget Taylor Grocery - out Old Taylor Road - for catfish and peach cobbler. You'll have to wait, but it's worth it. Browse the local artists' colony.

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                          kinda new to posting, but not eating out. L&M has got to be one of the better places in town., the charcuterie platter is outstanding. My only gripe is they do not change the menu often enough. It is closing sometime in 2008, unfortunately. Too bad that development in Oxford will be taking away yet another gem. As for Waltz, I did not enjoy my experience at all. The interior is gorgeous, but the booth they cram you and your friends into makes you forget the suede you are sitting on. Every time my server approached, he had to keep dodging people walking by our table because of the odd table arrangements. The food was ok, the breading on the fried green tomatoes was excessive- obviously not a true southerner making those, the she crab soup was kind of bland.
                          As for the University Club being so good, that kind of comment cannot really be taken seriously. Merely a place for rich people to rub elbows with other rich people. The food and service? Ha.
                          208 is good if you like frat house atmospheres- screaming to be heard, and being packed in like rats on a ship. But I hear they have closed too?

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                            208 has closed temporarily because the building has been condemned by the city. It's going to take until at least the summer to repair the building and reopen.

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                              The building has been condemned? Sounds like a great place for barbecue!

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                                Half of the buildings on the square are close to condemnation (right word?). Not too long ago the Thompson House partially collapsed and is currently undergoing an extensive renovation. Most of those buildings haven't had serious structural work in over 100 years, and they are built out of unreinforced masonry. Great for fires, bad for time and earthquakes.