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Feb 5, 2007 11:31 AM

Authentic Mexican Food in Monmouth Cty

New to the boards!

I am starting to enjoy authentic mexican food - not the tex-mex stuff.
Anybody know anything about La Tapatia in Asbury Park or about La Hacienda in Bradley Beach.


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  1. Haven't been to the ones listed above. Bahia De Acapulco on 5 South Street in Freehold is very good. Pretty authentic Mexican Food. You might have a language barrier there. There's usually a waitress who will translate for you the specials on their board.

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    1. re: wench31

      Is this the place next to Cornerstone Cafe in the old Windmill location? I've been meaning to give it a try and figure there will be a language issue based upon the signage alone which is not in English. What's good?

      1. re: jsfein

        Yes, it's next to Cornerstone. Anything with steak is good. They have soup there. They had fish head soup, shrimp soup. They're spicy and real good. It's written in Spanish on their board, though. You'll have to ask for translation there.
        Alot of people also go to El Meson as well, which is on Main St in Freehold.
        They speak English there.

      2. re: wench31

        It's more CalMex than authentic Mexican, but The Shack in Sea Bright is pretty tasty. Great Guac and good fish tacos

      3. Juanito's in Red Bank
        Casa Comida Mexican Restaurant in Long Branch

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          HillJ, I'm surprised to see you suggest Casa Comida. There was a time it was the only Mexican-styled restaurant in these part. I always considered it Tex-Mex. It was not owned or run by Mexicans, nor was the food anything more than just passable. So once El Meson, we stopped going to Casa Comida. (I note below that taboni has been to Casa Comida recently and says the food was horrible.)

          1. re: RGR

            RGR, I haven't been to Casa Comida in some time and I'm sorry to hear that the quality has gone downhill. When I first relocated to the area, it was our first exposure to Tex-Mexican food and I remember liking it.

            I have tried the restaurants recommended in the Freehold area and enjoyed them but Juanito's in R/Bank is my favorite (not even sure why) but I like the place.

            1. re: HillJ

              Is it possible you like Juanito's because the food is good? lol And there are others who think it's very good. We've never been there, mainly because El Meson is much closer to us. A poor excuse, really, since we have no trouble traveling much longer distances than from our house to Red Bank for excellent food.

            2. re: RGR

              Casa Comida is positively horrible, especially when you consider that a short drive away is one of the biggest latin/mexican populations in jersey, right in Long Branch. There are a bunch of excellect tacquerias where the people don't even speak english. Some places don't even have an english menu! A quick drive down broadway should get you a bunch of good taco joints.

          2. I like La Hacienda a lot. Nothing fancy, just good meat on two fresh soft tortillas with a grilled onion and a wedge of lime. A few places like it near where I work in New Brunswick as well.

            1. I will second Juanito's in Red Bank and El Meson in Freehold. Last couple of times I was in Casa Comida the food was horrible. I won't be going back.

              1. I've enjoyed some of the food at Acapulquenos on Broadway in Long Branch. I haven't been there in nearly a year, but I recall I loved the steak tacos, guacamole. Very good simple rice and beans. It's a casual corner restaurant.