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Feb 5, 2007 11:29 AM

Country Style Ribs and a Slow-Cooker - Recipes

I am working on making some of food with the stuff in my freezer. One of the things I have is 4.31 Lbs of boneless country pork ribs.

I was figuring on breaking out the slow-cooker. I know that these things benefits from a long, slow cook. I would prefer something that I can just throw a bunch of stuff in, turn it on and forget it. I've done some Internet searches and nothing seems terribly interesting, which is why I'm here.

Any suggestions? I would also consider a braising recipe.


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  1. You can season the country ribs with garlic salt nd pepper overnight and then throw it in the crockpot with sauerkrautt on top. Pour a half can of chicken broth over it and leave it cooking for 6-8 hours. Serve with mash potatoes. Pretty simple and tastes good.

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      After reading your post I did this, although I did pour lots of bbq sauce over the ribs too, and we all enjoyed it. Even non-kraut eaters around here liked it after it had been slow-cooked with the bbq sauce. I was thinking next time I may try adding a layer of sliced or cubed potatoes. Thanks for this very easy and tasty recipe.

    2. Whatever you end up doing with them, do season and brown them first, especially if you are using the crockpot or will help draw off any fat.

      1. throw some garlic, the ribs, a couple of onions and a can of V8, it makes a great broth and you can drain and make great gravy or serve them in tacos with a little added spices. Cayanne and cumin. Depends on your taste. I have cooked them without browning them and they come out fine. Again, depends on you. If you don't have V8 use tomato sauce, or a can of tomatoes.

        1. I just brown them, then throw them in the slow cooker with a couple of bottles of your favorite BBQ sauce, some extra chopped garlic and onions. They usually fall apart and them I serve them on buns as pulled pork sandwiches

          1. That's my favorite method too (also works great with a pork shoulder). Lots of flavor for little effort.

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              Do you brown the pork shoulder as well?