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Feb 5, 2007 11:19 AM

Black & White Cookie Recipe

Help! I'm trying to find a recipe for the classic NYC deli cookie, the Black & White. I've tried a few that I've found, even the one from Zabar's, but none seem to be hitting the right spot. They're either too delicate or too dense. I'm looking for just the right balance of cakey goodness & something w/ a crumb strong enough to stand up to being frosted.
I'll take any help I can get! Thank you!

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  1. My problem has been finding a chocolate fondant recipe of the right consistency. Either it's way too drippy or it seizes up before it gets out of the bowl. Had that problem a few years ago when I was making a pizza pan sized black & white as a "birthday cake/cookie." If I remember correctly, I used the recipe from Molly O'Neill's "New York Cookbook." I liked everything except the chocolate icing.

    1. I think the cookie part is the hard part. My recollection of NYC black and whites is that there is nothing special about the frosting. I've made the Martha Stewart recipe and didn't find the cookie/cake to be the same as I remembered it.

      This one looks pretty cakey:

      Here in Minnesota, I am able to get a packaged product from Zabars with "mini" blacka nd white cookies. I guess it's as close as I'm going to get.

      Would you post back here when you find a good recipe?

      1. My sister and I were just wishing for a recipe last week! My granny used to make 'em, but neither of us has her recipe. I'm going to have to call my aunt...

        1. I have a great recipe for them, but it's at home. It's in my Dr. Oetker baking book, and they're called "amerikaners". Will try to remember to post the recipe tonight or tomorrow.

          1. Never tried the recipe, but I like this bake shop's black and white cookies, it's on the UES of NYC. Their recipe is at this link (if it works)