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Feb 5, 2007 11:11 AM

Anyone Been To Martin's Wine Cellar On Magazine.........

I went to the old store on Baronne many many times but not the new one. How's the Deli food and where's it located. Thanks.

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  1. it is much smaller than the old location so the selection has suffered. I would recommend going to the one on Veterans if you're looking for deli food.

    I forget what the cross street is but it's one block downtown from the harry's ace hardware on magazine, on a corner.

    1. No deli food. A few cheeses and odds and ends, but not like the Baronne place. Was just there and they said Baronne won't be open for 17 months. It is uptown from Louisiana on Magazine on the left.

      1. The Baronne ST. location will be reopened but I don't think they are starting it until 2008. Maybe this year, but I don't think so. The only location that serves food right now is the Vet's location. There's also one on the Northshore and a B.R. location is opening soon. I think that there will be a deli there. I think the Magazine St. location is temporary until the Baronne ST. location reopens. They wouldn't dare lose anymore of that Uptown market by not having any location open out there.