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Craving ribs in a big way. Good, fall-off-the-bone, melt in your mouth, babyback ribs.

Tried Mr. Cecil's (better before LA Times outed them as being good, then took a nosedive), but that didn't quite do it.

Anyone have ideas on the best ribs in LA? I live on the westside, but I'm willing to drive for deliciousness.

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  1. a long debated and researched topic..type BBQ into the search engine

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      True, but most responses date to 2001-2004. I was hoping for something a little more current. And not about a church BBQ or BBQ fairs (the only entries I found for 2005 and 2006).

    2. Try this one (search was a little screwy, but I typed in "ribs" and found this way down on the list):

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      1. Try Porky's on Manchester just S. of Prairie.

        Good pork and beef ribs, pulled pork and Golden Bird Fried Chicken.

        The sauce is usually served on the side. I guess this is to show the smoke ring. The regular sauce is good. The hotter sauce is best for the pulled pork sandwich. I mix them to reduce the heat.

        Reasonable price.

        1. for babyback, I like Baby Blues on Linclon in Venice. For Spare Ribs, Dr. Hogly Wogly in Van Nuys

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            In the Westside, Baby Blues at Lincoln south of Rose is your best bet. It's North Carolina style.

          2. For those wanting to cook huge, meaty spareribs at home, Smart & Final had fresh Farmer John spareribs, two huge racks (almost a yard long) sealed in a cryovac bag for well under $2/pound (about seven pounds worth total) as of this weekend. A bit of a pain to cut some of them, with the chine still attached, but so big and meaty that three from the large end made a hearty meal. I marinated them with a dry rub for the better part of a day (lots of kosher salt, black pepper, cayenne, chili powder, garlic salt), precooked them in a foil-wrapped baking sheet for over two hours in an oven just under 300 degrees, and then finished them brushed with sauce for about ten minutes per side on a moderate grill. The hit of my Super Bowl party!

            1. If westside and babybacks are your parameters, consider Houstons (at 2nd st. and Wilshire) in Santa Monica. For a chain, their babybacks are tender and generous. For a chain, the room is nice, if loud...

              1. Note that the ribs at Houston's are VERY expensive. If I remember correctly from the Century City location a couple of years ago, they were as costly as a steak -- $20 or over.

                1. My husband and I really like the ribs at the Library Ale House on Main Street in Santa Monica. They aren't saucey, in fact the sauce they serve on the side tastes a lot like teriyaki. But, they are in a great spice rub and are truly fall of the bone tender. Plus, the Ale House has an awesome selection of beers to top off your meal. Yum. Ask for a table on the lovely back porch.

                  1. Having lived and traveled widely over SoCal the last 20 years, my pick for SoCal's best ribs is Tulsa Rib Company in Orange (off the 55 at Tustin and Collins). No, they aren't smoked, but the baby rack ribs with their Tulsa Potatoes is about as good as it gets. Definitely worth the drive from the westside or elsewhere in SoCal.

                    Ribs, much like many foods, is very subjective, but these are a winner for me and to many who I have taken there.

                    1. I really like the ribs at Baracoa in Atwater. They're similar to the ones at Houston's, which I also like, but the ones at Baracoa seem to have more flavor.

                      1. Try Ribs USA in Burbank, W Olive W/of Buena Vista (http://www.ribsusa.com/). Oh man. great ribs and even BBQ shrimp. Love it!

                        1. You'll find the best in this city at Phillips on Leimert Blvd. It's take out only so you'll have to be patient and wait till you get home or enjoy the amazing pork ribs (spare or baby back) in the parking lot.

                          1. My faves are from Chris n' Pitts in Bellflower. Get them with hawaiian sauce. Very yummy. Also mashers with country gravy so good, and they make all of their own salad dressings. Cheap and super casual.

                            91 Freeway @ Bellflower Blvd, on Artesia.

                            1. Love love love Baby Blues in Venice. Lots of choices on sides. Besides the great ribs, they have 3 kinds of homemade bbq sauce...yum!