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Feb 5, 2007 10:50 AM

Yeast or cake donuts?

Which side of the fence do you fall on in the donut debate? I am a yeast donut gal. I like the fluffy melt in your mouth feel, not something heavy.

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    1. Anybody who has ever had a REAL donut knows they are only made from a yeast dough.. I'm not saying anything bad about cake donuts, since there are many that are in fact delicious. Yeast donuts are known all over the world, and each country has their own specialty. The Greeks have their loukoumades, Moroccans have sfinges, Poles make a jam-filled donut called paczki, Italians are known for their zeppole, Spain is famous for their churros and in South Africa they make koeksisters. Each of these wonderful treats are made from the same basic formula and are always fried in hot fat. Probably the most unique of all fried sweet dough recipes is found in Amish kitchens, where boiled and riced (mashed) potatoes are added to give the dough added tenderness. Donuts.. need we say more?? Certainly the world's most perfect food, not counting the calories.

      1. Yeast donuts when they're fresh out of the frier... cake donuts if you're going to have them cold.

        1. Usually I prefer yeast donuts - especially those cinammon twists - yum!!! But I've discovered this local bakery here that makes amazing sour cream cake donuts every Friday. They're dense, so moist, and not too sweet on the inside, and amazingly crunchy outside. I've never had a cake donut so good before - most cake donuts I grew up with were boring and bland, with no crunch on the outside at all.

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            Where do you live? those sound amazing! I fall squarely into the "any-doughnut-that-makes-it-into-my-mouth-is-a-good-doughnut" camp. In fact, when I was pregnant and on bedrest, I ate 2-3 Entenmann's per day. So, if I had a free day of no calories and could get any kind I want, I'd do a perfectly done cake doughnut (as described above) AND something yeasty filled with some kind of yummy sugary icing or cream cheese. I also loved glazed but would take cake over glazed UNLESS there were Krispy Kremes available.

            Speaking of that, do all the doughnut hounds out there know that there is a recipe for bread pudding made from Krispy Kremes? I can post it if everyone doesn't already have it.

            1. re: amyvc

              The bakery is in South Bend, IN at the Dainty Maid Bakery - so if you're ever out here, go on Friday morning (I think they only make the sour cream cake donut once a week) before 10:30am, otherwise they'll be sold out. They make other cake donuts on the other days, but I haven't tried them, aside from the regular cake donut which is pretty good too, but nowhere near as good as the sour cream cake donut.

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                oh god this sounds good. we have lots of donut choices near my place. my local fave shop has this honey wheat donut that is so good, (believe it or not), so delicate and with just a hint of cinnamon. i eat two for breakfast with a cup of good green tea that i brew myself. they also do a decent maple bar. i had an apple fritter that knocked my socks off but i forget where we got it. i guess i like krispy kreme but i like mostly the seasonal stuff. i seem to remember a pumpkin spice donut that i liked.

                omg there's this japanese bakery near me that does this amazing "boston cream" donut. they take a holeless doughnut and fill it with pastry cream, and then dip it into dark chocolate and wait until chocolate hardens. when you bite into it the doughnut is still a litlte crispy on the outside but luscious on the inside and the choclate sometimes breaks into chocolate shards but still delish.

          2. Glazed buttermilk bars