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Ouch, a Trip to...Plano?

Hi folks, any suggestions for dinner in Plano? Need to take a business trip and thought your input would add some spice to the trip

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      I second Jasper's be sure to order the appetizer of kettle chips with hot blue cheese crumbled on top -yum!

      1. re: ciaobella

        seems weird to pay $9 for something i could make at home with little to no effort..

        1. re: luniz

          really? You must not eat out ever then...shame.

          1. re: ciaobella

            not very often anyway. prefer reasonably priced and healthy. can't really get that at many restaurants.

    2. Just go to the Legacy/Tollway Center and you've got several very good options - Jaspers mentioned above, Bob's - steak, Nicola's - Italian, Naan - Sushi, Mi Cocina & Taco Diner - TX Mex.

      1. Bavarian Grill is fun but more of a family type place. There's a little hole in the wall cajun place called The Big Easy that has good crawfish etouffee. Covino's is popular.

        1. Don't say "ouch." There are plenty of good eats in Plano.

          For really excellent Thai (IMO the best in the Dallas area), there's Jasmine Thai at the southeast corner of Custer & Spring Creek. There was a thread discussing this place a little while ago on this board: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/30816...

          For excellent chicken fried steak and BBQ chicken, try Kelly's Eastside in downtown Plano (K & 15th, I believe). Also a great place to watch a game, has that neighborhood eatery feel.

          Good Greek can be found at Zorba's at the northwest corner of W. Plano Pkwy & Preston, it's also BYOB with a wine store in the same shopping center.

          The Shops at Legacy (Legacy at Dallas North Tollway) provide some semi-upscale selections such as Nicola's & Naan mentioned above.

          Oh and if you are craving authentic Chinese, Plano is home to one of the First Chinese BBQ locations at Coit & Parker.

          And for upscale Vietnamese (much more than pho & banh mi), there's Zander's House off of Central Expy near Parker. Kirk reviewed this place a while ago and here's the thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/30639...

          Plano is something like 25% Asian by population, hence some of the recs above. So don't fret, Plano has a bit more food choices than your typical suburb.

          1. Thanks all. Glad to hear my concerns for good food are unnecessary.

            1. I like Mignon's for classic bsitro fare....Lavendeau for country french.....Fireside for pizza.....

              1. 2nd the recommendation for Fireside Pies and Jaspers...For mexican, try Luna De Noche..just skip the margarittas..For dessert, try Kathleen's Art cafe...great cakes...

                1. For that matter just go to Kathleens for dinner. Their Osco Bucco is very good not to mention their Schnizel.

                  1. I went to Naan recently. it is a Korean barbeque restaurant however, I had sushi and thought it was excellent.

                    1. Dined at Jasper's last week and it was fantastic!

                      1. Ocean Seafood Grill on Parker and Independence has really great seafood (blackened catfish is really good) at a good price. Lunch specials are around $6 and dinner is around $10.

                        1. Sichuanese Cuisine NWC of Coit & Park (next to Dunkin Donuts) not a fancy place but excellent food and staff that aims to please. http://sichuan.selfip.com:890/Sichuan...

                          (website is for the sister location close to Seattle but they have the same menu


                          Fishmonger's great place for seafood (IMO) at service road of 75/Central Expressway and Park (1901 N Central, Plano, TX 7507).

                          Jorg's Cafe Vienna - Great Austrian food would highly recommend the Muttis Jager Schnitzel with veal. http://cafevienna.us/

                          Greek Isles NWC of 75/Central and Parker (back side of the Burlington Coat Factory SC) is pretty good - I always get the Spanakopita and nix the large boiled potato that comes with it.

                          Simon's Sushi NEC of 75/Central and Plano Parkway (behind Hooters) is (IMO) the best sushi in Dallas/Collin County. Ask for the Monday Night Roll or ask Simon to dream something up for you. http://www.simonssushi.com/

                          Zoom for Thai food is the best place in Dallas (IMO) though technically not in Plano it is real close NEC of Frankford and the DNT (Dallas North Tollway) if Dat or Tess are there ask them for recommendations get the hot version with a Thai Tea. http://www.zoomvietthai.com/

                          I second the recommendations on First Chinese BBQ and Kelly's Eastside