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Feb 5, 2007 10:06 AM

BBQ in NJ?


My sister told me there was a new BBQ joint in NJ opening soon. Just wanted top know more about it. When it opens, please review it. Being out in LA, I won't have access to it for a while.

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  1. Reliable rumors have a BBQ place opening on Cedar Lane in Teaneck.

    1. A glatt kosher steakhouse (Esme Bistro) opened recently on Cedar Lane in Teaneck.

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      1. re: nate076

        Any feedback on Esme Bistro. I was thinking of having a party there and have heard mixed reviews.

        1. re: hks315

          I made a party there about 3 weeks ago for 65 people and all my guests loved it. I heard they hired a new chef - the food was delicious.

      2. I was not referring to Esme Bistro.

        1. There is a "Texas BBQ" named "Smokey Joe's" coming to Cedar Lane in Teaneck (in the old Jerusalem Pizza/Cho Sun Restaurant space). Is this what you are referring to?

          1. Smokey Joe's website with complete menu can be found at: