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Feb 5, 2007 09:57 AM

Bar Food - Monday night specials

We meet some friends for bar specials on Monday nights. We go to Gannons right now but are looking for another to try. Got some tips?

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  1. Not to just send you to another website, but if you check out and do the events/bar specials, it will list for you all the specials of the night. If you like Gannon's, you'll probably like O'Donovans (2100 Irving Park - they have $2 burgers/fries on Mondays), Ginger Ale's House (3801 N. Ashland - not sure of bar specials), and T's Bar (5025 N. Clark - open ended $5 hamburger/veggie burger and $12 all you can fish and chips).

    1. Fizz Bar and Grill on Lincoln just north of Belmont/Ashland- Mondays are burger and a beer for $5. The burgers and fries are gooood.