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Feb 5, 2007 09:56 AM

how many chowhounds also homebrew?


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  1. or do wine, mead, vinegars, rootbeer, all of that?

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    1. re: soupkitten

      Count me as one. Ales and lagers.

    2. - I brew beer (all-grain) & mead.
      - Attempting sake in the next couple weeks.
      - I make my own vinegar from leftover red wine in a small wooden cask (american oak).
      - Am in the process of designing a temp-controlled shed for cheese-making & cured meats (as well as lagering beer).


        1. I have been homebrewing for almost 5 years now and have ramped production up to a whopping 4 bbls./yr. I started because I couldn't find fresh German hefeweizen at a price I was willing to pay. Well, early on, I couldn't brew anything worth drinking, nevermind hefeweizen and I even gave up for a little while. But I am glad I came back because in my downtime, I learned a few things, and when I fixed what I was doing wrong (more likely what I was not doing right), made drinkable beers. Now I've gotten to the point where I prefer my own beer over most commercial beers that I rarely purchase bottled/canned beer except for maybe SN Celebration/Bigfoot when they come out or Smuttynose big beers once in a while. Plus I just got tired of getting burned by unfresh, boring, or poorly made micro brews.

          My goal is to move up to 10 gal. batches this spring/summer when I buy a house, then I can cut back to brewing once a month instead of every other week. Gotta keep up with demand, and in my, I mean house, demand is high.

          1. It's my intention to begin homebrewing, once I've managed to put together the basic hardware I'll need. I just have to get together some money, but I'm also trying to save for a new computer (since mine died, and I've been using my gf's laptop), so the homebrew thing is getting pushed back a bit.