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Feb 5, 2007 09:22 AM

Orlando Convention - Marriott World Center

Heading there this week for trade show.

Looking for good but casual eats. Just a small group (3) who anticipated being fairly exhausted. Any recommendations that don't require too much commitment (driving or dressing up)?


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  1. Its a chain but I thought its good is Maggiano's
    Also Primo is near there ( not sure on dress)

    1. Maggiano's is new in Orlando, but I have been to the one in Schaumberg, IL and Las Vegas, Nevada I have always liked it. Jackamo's is on Sand Lake Rd and John Young Parkway which is very close and very casual. The food is really good.

      1. Help us a little bit with cuisine likes and dislikes and some sense of price. The steak house and Italian restaurant in the OMWC aren't bad and definitely fit the convenient category.

        Here are a couple of nearby thoughts. All of these are easy to pull up on Goggle if they appeal.

        JTs Prime Time on west US 192 close to US 27, barbecue, burgers, beer and no hassle.
        Country French in a small strip mall out near the Ombi at Championsgate called Le Crepe.
        The Irish pub, Raglan Road, at Downtown Disney is good, lively and easy to find.
        For Mexican in downtown Kissimmee, try Azteca.