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Feb 5, 2007 09:08 AM

Il Faro, Medford

Had my first dinner ever in "downtown" Medford at Il Faro which a friend suggested for my belated b-day dinner. Cute little place with lots of knick knacks, pictures of Italy, etc. Good sized bar but no one really eats/hangs out there unless waiting for a table. But we came early for a drink, I had a pomengranite martini and he had a manhattan (not sure of their cocktail prices, no list). We started with decent mussels in white wine/garlic. No extra bread to sop up other than the average loaf they brought us with packets of butter. We also ordered a pasta of seafood ravioli w/ scallops in pesto sauce and a veal dish with some veggies and mashed. I thought we'd get the pasta first then the veal since we told him we were splitting everything, but they came together, so we split them up ourselves. Pretty good stuff, good sized plates both for about $20. I've had better tiramisu and there was so much cocoa on top, I actually coughed it right out of my mouth which was embarrassing and I hopefully won't do that again. Not sure I need to take the trip to eat there again, but it was a perfectly enjoyable meal.

Enjoyed a nice sour cream coffee cake at the Berkeley St. cafe (is that the name) last week w/ a huge mug of hot chocolate that could have been a little more chocolately but hit the spot on a cold day. I like that place. And had my usual weekend fix at the JP bakeries: the wonderful choc/almond croissant at Canto 6 and a gigantic banana/choc chip scone at Blue Fog with choc. frosting on top. That was my breakfast and lunch before the junk food at a Superbowl party.

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  1. Thanks so much for the laugh I got from the description of your reaction to the over-cocoaed tira misu!

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      No kidding. I've had over-cocoaed tiramisu before but never that reaction. They should have had more ladyfingers and less of that dusting on top.

    2. We had a birthday dinnere there a few years ago. Thought everything was good, specially the antipasta, but not great. I'd go back to try it again.

      1. I have not been there for a while, but always had perfectly decent Italian meals there. It is a little nicer than your average suburban Italian restaurant and has a North End feel.