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Feb 5, 2007 08:59 AM

Dinner after wine tasting-Need some recs

Can anyone recommend a casual restaurant that has a great wine list by the glass? I am thinking of someplace along the lines of Otto where you can try a wide variety of wines while enjoying a good meal. Most of the food at the wine bars I have been to has been okay but not great. I would prefer a great meal. Any places come to mind? I would prefer anywhere below 23rd street and would lean more towards Italian although I am open to suggestions.I had been thinking about Knickerbocker as a possibility.Thanks!

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  1. You could try Casa Mono ...

    1. Falai, Ino and Inoteca are casual Italian and have good food and excellent wine lists.

      1. Casa Mono is excellent. Also Bar Jamon, their wine bar. great food but not necessarily for a "full meal". On the italian front i do love falai- can be a bit pricey but i think the food is awesome. If you are willing to do "non italian" you should try the Monday Room at Public. Its their wine bar and its great. very intimate and great wine list and you can get all the wines by the 1/2 glass if you want. Their menu is small plates and is different from Public but equally delicious.