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Feb 5, 2007 08:50 AM

Vancouver lunch spots

Used to live in Vancouver 7 years ago, coming back for a visit for 10 days, I have my dinner plans all set (Vij's, Shiru Bay, A Kettle of Fish, Pacific Culinary etc) but at a blank for lunch spots..

Loves: stuff off the main drag, sushi, all cuisines, cheap is always good since we're going more expensive for dinners.
Was thinking of Lolita's on denim, so far that's it..

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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  1. Taco's Mexico Rico. Great taquiteria (spelling). Had the choose four menu picking pork, lamb and tounge (and to my surprise the tounge, 1st time I have ever had one, was excellent) Don't go for the vibe, it is cafe, but the food is good and cheap, no hard shells with ground beef here.

    1. For Sushi there is a fast sushi cafeon Seymour Street and Georgia (across from The BAy Department Store) called Bay Sushi Cafe ~ great spicy tuny roll only $3.25!

      Scuie on the corner of Pender and Honrnby~the BEST pizza, they cut and weigh it for you so you can eat as much or as little as you like.

      1. *Zakkushi - does lunch Tues - Sat. A great selection of japanese cooked foods. My fav is the Negi Toro don and soba noodles. (cheap nothing over $10)
        *Pizza - Nat's New York Pizza (denman) best thin crust in Vancouver hands down!
        *Capers / Wholefoods offers a quick cheap lunch spot.
        *Rangoli - if you don't do Vij's for dinner try his sister place Rangoli for lunch

        1. Lucky Diner in Yaletown was just reno'd by the new owner. The menu is awesome. Hamilton Street grill also in yaletown, yummy lamb burger. And a new fave of mine if you are in Kits is the Taco Shack, v yummy :)

          1. So my vancouver vacation is over!

            Zakkushi was closed for lunch on monday! I believe the sign said it's closed for lunch until march. It was hard to find sushi places monday - don't know why - Octopus Garden one of my old favourites when I used to live in town was also closed on Monday.

            Lunch places we did try:
            The Mouse and the Bean, the food was great, service was crazy slow but very hospitable. It was my first time having queso fundido - cheese fondu - fantastic, my boyfriend had the pollo mole which he enjoyed greatly, i think mine was Chilaquiles with steak on the side - it was fried tortilla pieces with sauce all over - yum!

            Kishu Star Suhi (on W. 4th), sushi was good & cheap, quiet atmosphere - i think the owners are Vietnamese which was a first for me! Should I be surprised? I'm unfazed by the usual Chinese/Korean-owned Japanese restaurants all around town.

            Hamae Sushi in N.Van -- we had deluxe chirashi -- sooo good $19.95 - with uni, scallop (ooh the scallop was so good and sweet) and the usual amazing melt in the mouth tuna, salmon etc. No way we would get the same quality and price in Toronto!

            Slickety Jim’s Chat N’ Chew - Brunch - Packed on Monday morning - don't people have to work in Vancouver? One server for all the tables - she did a spectacular job - there was a lineup out the door by 11am. Heuvos Rancheros was satisfying with the veggie chille - but one of my poached eggs was way too cooked through, same with my boyfriend's eggs. he had sunnyside eggs with bacon and chorizo sausage- I loved the sausage but he thought it was like chinese sausage.

            Veggie Favour in Richmond (off of Garden City Rd) - organic vegetarian Japanese sushi - don't go if you're in a rush - the service is a bit slow. The baked organic brown rice sushi rolls are quite good. Its interesting to say the least but I rather have a real seafood sushi fix. And it's a bit pricey - $60 for four people for lunch - not the usual cheap richmond lunch food. But definitely go and try it out.

            also went to two good places for dim sum - forgot the names, will return and post again. one was in chinatown east pender st - across the street from New Town Bakery, and the other was in richmond. It had large chandeliers.