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Feb 5, 2007 08:43 AM

Dairy - free Broccoli Soup Recipe?

Any one have a good one? Love pureed soups and love broccoli....

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  1. If you have JC's "The Way to Cook", it has a great recipe for a soup base - using sauteed onions, then adding rice and liquid - when you puree it after adding the vegetable, you get a pretty nice creamy texture b/c of the rice.

    1. Basically cook the broccoli in a decent vegetable broth. When it's getting pretty soft add silken tofu. Use your immersion blender.

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        You can also use Coffee Mate found in the dairy section of your grocery, which I think is non dairy.

      2. or do the simplest soup base (sauteed onions) with some chopped potatoes. Add the broccoli, veg or chicken stock to cover, and simmer till everything is soft; then puree. This is what I've done before (used to make tons of it) and always liked it. Adding on (carrots, for example, or herbs) tends to muddy it up more than help.

        1. I second the potato rec. I also use silken tofu sometimes.

          1. I haven't tried it yet, but this one looks pretty good:
            Here is a back-up as well: