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Feb 5, 2007 08:32 AM

Dino's Burgers

I am going to be near downtown - Brewery Art Colony around lunch and heard about Dino's on Main St. Is this a good place to go or can you recommend something else??


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  1. Good maybe great but very very divey. Just get the chicken plate.

    1. Dino's at Main St & Griffin Ave? Its ghetto, not too divey, relatively clean. Has a cult following among blue collar workers, cops & a surprising amount of white collar workers (about 15 to 25% of clientel on weekdays).

      What to eat.... legendary Burgers (highly recommend a double cheesburger) & Chili Cheese Fries among a few others. No artisan ingredients here. But somehow the Greek Ghetto Burger Industry "mafia" creates remarkable food... that any true Chowhound would really appreciate.

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        I've only had the chicken with the spicy, thin red sauce (I forget the name on the menu) at the Pico store a couple of times. After your description of their burgers at the Main St. store - I'm on my way!!!

        1. re: sel

          chicken "maniaco" as far as I can recall

      2. I've never heard of this Dino's; I know the Pico one (lived almost around the corner from it for years) and know about the new one in Covina, or thereabouts, towards the east end of the County. Do we know if the downtown/industrial section store is connected in any way besides name? Or is this simply a smaller replication of the "Jim's Burgers" biz, which, as noted above and previously, consists of a whole BUNCH of guys, mostly originally Greek immigrants, (almost none of 'em named Jim) some of whom are, but most of whom aren't connected in any way?

        r gould-saltman

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        1. I am not sure that the Main Street (north of downtown, sorta sideways of Chinatown) has the "crazy chicken" special that the Pico and Berendo Dino's is famous for. Please report back. By the way, while almost everyone at the Pico Dino's orders the chicken, they do a fine burger, carne asada, or pastrami.

          1. I recently did a review of the chicken at the Azusa location, but I'm sure that chicken should be similar to the original location. See link below:


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            1. re: pleasurepalate

              Now I am worried that its not the same place?? Can anyone confirm for me that I can get the chicken plate, which looks amazing at the Dino's on Main??


              1. re: allisonteal

                Yes you can. They also have Dino Jr's on N. Broadway, just west of Griffin Ave about 1 mile north of the Main st. location. The "chain" is named after the owner's son who used to work there when I was working in the neighborhood. Good people, very active in the community. They also help out at the Greek Festival at St. Sophias.

                1. re: Pitchman

                  Hi, this is the the owners daughter of the Dino's on Pico. Just read your posts! Dino's is named after my grandfather, not the owners son. The one on Main is completely separate than the one on Pico. My father created the recipe and then gave it to his brother....the owner of the one on Main. The one on Pico serves the same chicken as the one in Azusa and is operated by my father and my sisters. The one on Main is not associated with the Dinos in Azusa and on Pico, and serves a slightly different tasting chicken. I just wanted to clarify that because I know a lot of people are confused about it! I also just wanted to say thank you for all the nice posts! if you have any further comments, or concerns, you can write us at Thank you! =)

                  1. re: TPantazis11

                    Thanks for the clarifying info!

                    1. re: TPantazis11

                      Oh, we've been singing about this place on Chowhound for years. Is that you who can be seen at the cashier every once in a while, wearing a UNLV shirt?

                      Best food value in LA is to say the words "two chickens" at the order window.

                      1. re: broncosaurus

                        It's probably me or one of my sisters! There are 4 of us, so chances are anytime you are at the Pico location or the one in Azusa, you will see one of us! 2 out of us 4 when to UNLV, thus explaining the UNLV apparel. Thank you to everyone for the years of support!!! =)

                  2. re: allisonteal

                    It's been a couple of years, but I preferred the chicken at the Pico location. I found the Main St. version too hot (spicy) for my tastes. I was told that each of the two locations were/are owned by brothers, although I don't know if that is still true.