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Feb 5, 2007 08:31 AM

TELEPAN Bday Dinner friday-Reco's??

I have reservations for friday and was planning on doing the 4 course tasting menu. We were also considering the wine pairing addition. Does anyone have any particular menu reccomendations off the current menu? Also, we'd normally drink 1 bottle plus a couple glasses at dinner. Should the wine pairing be sufficient or should we order our own. Thanks.

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  1. The wine pairing should be more than sufficient, especially if you start off with a cocktail/aperetif. The pairings are well thought out and are not the usual suspects, or limited to what is served by the glass.

    1. Thanks for the update. any food reccomendations in particular. Whats the brook trout like that people rave about.

      1. I agree that the wine pairing should be sufficient. I had the four course tasting menu with wine pairing there last last fall, plus a glass of wine at the bar to start, and that was more than enough to ensure a pleasant evening. Sorry I can't recommend specific menu items off the winter menu, but I don't imagine you can go terribly wrong ordering there-- everything I had was fantastic.