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Feb 5, 2007 08:12 AM

Memorable meals have you had at Fondas/Comedors/Mercados Mexico-wide?

I am interested in the typical guisados or comidas corridas available at such locales and just food in general available at these sort of venues. Kind regards and many thanks.

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  1. I've had a hard time answering this one, as many of the meals we've had at the abovementioned places are just everyday, pretty good, satisfying, but nothing special sort of food.

    Having said that, I do recall some good breakfasts, for example, at the Fonda "Lupita" (to name just one fonda of several) at the Mercado Hidalgo in Guanajuato. Similarly, rich breakfasts at a fonda whose name I don't recall, in the Mercado de 11 Noviembre, in Oaxaca. This is just lusty, tasty working class food.

    On Saturday, we breakfasted on birria or sopa de cabeza, in the Mercado de Antojitos in Pátzcuaro. It's just a bowl of meat in a zingy chile caldo. You can choose regular of lengua.

    That afternoon, in Tangancícuaro, Michoacán, we lunched on a less "earthy" birria, which resembled sliced pot roast in a mild tomato gravy. It would have been boring but for the excellent garnishes and salsas on the table.
    Photos here:
    and attached below.

    1. I'm surprised that you haven't had more responses. I do remember the street food in Oaxaca as being particularly good. There were a couple of places near our B&B that had great food. I'm drawing a blank on what it's called, but there were these huge crispy tortillas with toppings - I believe they are a Oaxacan specialty. Absolutely delicious.

      1. That Oaxacan specialty--the big crisp tortilla--is a tlayuda.

        Here's a list of fondas and street stands that I love:

        In Pátzcuaro:
        --Don Juan's corundas, with crema and salsa de chile perón
        --Enchiladas placeras at the stand nearest the western portales on the small plaza
        --Atole de grano in front of the Gran Hotel
        --the taco guy on the corner of the small plaza

        In Quiroga:
        --those tacos dorados de mole con pollo

        In Mexico City:
        --Roast turkey legs at the rosticería at Metro General Anaya
        --Blue corn quesadillas on the Zócalo
        --Churros and chocolate in Coyoacán
        --Cafe El Jarocho, ditto

        In Zamora:
        --That carnitas place that shall remain nameless

        In Guadalajara:
        --Torta Loca at Mercado San Juan de Dios
        --Coctel de Camarón estilo Chayo, at the tianguis where I shop
        --Tacos al Pastor Los Alteños
        --Taco Fish La Paz

        At Lake Chapala:
        --Tacos Doña Mago
        --Tacos El Compadre

        In Tijuana:
        --Tacos El Güero, Bulevar Aguascalientes

        In Ensenada:
        --Tacos de pescado at any street stand

        In Zacatecas:
        --Gorditas Doña Julia

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          Cristina, would you mind if I just follow you around?

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            Many do! I'm well-known for culinary least well-known among my clients.

        2. Cristina, you're right! Tlayuda! I was drawing a complete blank on the name - thanks.

          1. Memorable meals at comedors in Mexico? You can write a book on that. (Actually, someone has, called A Cook's Tour of Mexico, focusing on market food.) My wife and I are just back from a month of grazing at the markets and restos in Mexico, and I kept an online food journal for my newspaper in Montreal. A few ideas, if I'm not too late weighing in ... in Guadalajara, at the Mercado Libertad, a fonda called Birrieria Guadalajara.... About an hour's drive north of Puerto Vallarta, in a town called La Penita, we sampled a phenomenal BBQ chicken cooked over wood logs by a guy named Luis Erasmo, at a cart at the corner of Highway 200 and the main street in La Penita .... In Puerto Vallarta, in the more laid-back south end of town below the river, we had great ceviche and fish tacos at a place called Calamar Aventurero... In Morelia, at the Mercado Independencia, we had wonderful soups, chicken and res, at a fonda that had two women's names in it, one of them Mariana, I think. I've got more at

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              SusanB, the fonda you describe in the Mercado Independencia may be this one : Comedor Liliana Y Mariana (?)
              We have eaten there several times, and it's ok for a simple, home style meal, but I don't consider it anything special. Maybe not the same place.

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                Yes! That's the place in Morelia. You may not share my opinion, but thanks for sharing the photo of the comedor.