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Feb 5, 2007 07:10 AM

THE best value around?

Any better values around than the three enormous lamb chops on a kebob, perfectly grilled, with a too much rice/bread side, yogurt suace, and side salad (OK, I always throw away the "eh" salad, still) for $8.99 at Food Factory College Park? It feeds one, two or three people, depending on appetite.

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  1. It is perhaps not as huge, but Viet Royal in Eden Center has a generous portion of Vietnamese steak (possibly called shaky beef) on their lunch specials menu. It comes with soup and your choice of garden roll or cha gio for $6.95 or $7.95.

    Be warned, their lunch specials menu mostly has Chinese-style dishes---I guess it is what the lunch special crowd wants.

    1. Speaking of Vietnamese, it's hard to beat a $2 or $2.50 banh mi sandwich.

      For something more dinner-y, I'd say a four-way Cincinnati chili at Hard Times Cafe, about eight bucks.

      1. "For something more dinner-y, I'd say a four-way Cincinnati chili at Hard Times Cafe, about eight bucks."

        Too bad they closed their Columbia location. Love me some four (or five) way Cincy.

        1. Lunch buffet at the Mem Sahib adjacent to the Lexington market.

          1. For quality, quantity, variety, and sheer nap-forcing stuff-yourself-ability, it is hard to beat a good Indian buffet for lunch. Minerva ($8.95) has always been my favorite in NoVA, up in the greater CP area I like Udupi Palace ($7.99 last time I went).

            Other favorites for a very filling lunch under 10 bucks:
            * Half w/ Everything at El Pollo Rico (arlington)
            * Goat taco, chorizo taco, pork taco, and laroco papusa at Taqueria El Charrito Caminante
            * Texas wet 5-way chili mac at Hard Times. I didn't know I was only supposed to eat it at dinner! This is my standard hangover lunch. I'm not a fan of their attempt at Cincinnati-style. The texas is more or less just wet taco meat but it works with the chili mac.

            * For dinner, when I'm getting toward the end of a paycheck I will head to happy hour @ mccormick and schmick's in reston for a $1.95 half pound cheeseburger with fries, and $1.95 steamed mussels, though you do of course have to put up with the yuppie happy hour bar scene there. I just get there as early as I can, secure as remote a spot as possible, and put in ear plugs.

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              Any other good happy hour spots for a Fri. evening (I'm assuming there are none on the weekend)? Will be staying by the Dupont/Farrugut stops. Or perhaps one by Cleveland Park? Thanks.

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                I don't really do the social side of happy hour, I just take advantage of the cheap eats...but I believe there are some other threads on here which go into happy hours. i think one of them referenced a consolidated list available online somewhere. Can't find it now was within the last week...