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Feb 5, 2007 07:08 AM

Palm Springs Help!!

I’m going to Palm Springs at the end of the month with 3 other guys to play golf, hit a casino or 2, eat, and do whatever else comes up. We get in around noon on a Thursday and will be there until around noon on Monday. We are for sure playing golf around noon on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at various courses. So far we are for sure going to the Village Fest on Thursday night. Does anyone have any tips/suggestions on things to see/eat/etc. at this event? Also, I’d love to hear any other tips on dining (not necessarily fancy) or other attractions. None of us have been to the area before so any tips on “must see and do” things would be great. Thank you very much!!!

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  1. Copley's on Palm Canyon is very good, Zin American Bistro for good food with interesting specials and IMO the best wine list, Johanne's for $$$ dining, The Falls for steak.

    1. I offer to you for consideration...Matchbox, which is an Italian and downtown. Wouldn't eat at the Street Fair. The bar at the FALLS is fun before 6:30 offering yummy appies at 1/2 price and drinks also 1/2 price.
      Behind Las Casuelas (on the same street as the fair) is Shanghai Reds...a very small place...I highly recommend the fish tacos. Best anywhere...AND CHEAP.