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Feb 5, 2007 06:41 AM

Anyone like "Vatan" or other Indian recs?

Have made a reservation for the Indian Restaurant, "Vatan"..Anyone been there? Would appreciate anyone's recommendation for Indian Restaurant while I am in New York..Have been to the "Tabla Bread Bar" and liked it very much, but want to try some place new...

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  1. Vatan might not as 'creative' with flavor combinations as Tabla (not a knock on Vattan), because it isn't a fusion influenced restaurant, but I was there not long ago and had a fantastic meal. They bring several rounds of food, and each has a broad range of flavors to experience. I'm a truly dedicated carnivore, and I didn't miss the meat. They will ask you about your spice level preference, too. Go hungry and I suggest avoiding hot unless you really like heat. I can't remember all of the items that we had, unfortunately, but I do remember the meal quite fondly....

    1. Try Tamirand, nice atmosphere, flavors and service.

      1. vatan is really good, highly recommend it. But tamirand is delicious, but a bit more pricey than Vatan.
        Also a very good indian is Curry Leaf. I live in that neighborhood and Curry Leaf is a staple for me.

        1. I didn't care for Vatan the one time we had dinner there. They serve a set menu, so there is no choice. While I found some of the first course dishes tasty, none of the main course dishes appealed to me at all. Therefore, this kind of severe limitation did not work for me. Furthermore, although I like some spiciness, the level was well above what I was comfortable with though my husband, who likes things very spicy, was happy with it.

          The village setting decor is kitchy. Most of the seating is in booths on cushions on the floor, and they ask diners to remove their shoes. Luckily for us, since we don't care to sit on the floor when we eat, there are two regular tables, and one of them was available.


          I highly recommend Devi. The superb Indian cuisine served there is some of the best in the city, and the space has unique, elegant decor.


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            I hear you, RGR, on the lack of options, and I was skeptical, but it worked for me by the end. The decor is a bit goofy, but the staff is lovely. It certainly is pleasant and satisfying, though. And I agree that the food is generally HOT.

            Devi is an entirely different kind of restaurant and is much, much more upscale modern and also is not vegetarian.

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              if the o.p. wants something along the lines of tabla, then devi would probably be a better option than vatan. however, i have to say that the atmosphere at devi really turned me off. it's elegant, but it also struck me as kind of antiseptic despite the vivid colors (though that may have been due more to the frosty service) and the seating along the wall is so cramped that my s.o. and i felt a bit uncomfortable - we heard literally every word of the neighboring table's conversation (they weren't being loud) and we could only assume that they heard all of ours.

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                True about Devi. However, there are plenty of vegetarian options on the menu. Though I'm a carnivore, a few my favorite dishes there are vegetarian. Plus, there's a vegetarian tasting menu.

            2. Definitely recommend Vatan. Also like Chola, Tamarind, and Banjara.