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Feb 5, 2007 06:37 AM

Calgary tasting menus?

Which restaurants do a tasting menu? Which are worth going to?

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  1. Belvedere and Il Sogno and I believe Capo does as well. I would recommend Belvedere and Capo.

    1. Capo does? Good to hear.

      Teatro does...

      River Cafe does, or did, or it's special request, something like that- their "fish and game" tasting mene was perhaps the best meal I've ever had.

      1. Rouge does, and it's awesome. River Cafe still does i believe John.

        When i talked to Capo back in November, i didn't get the impression that they have a formalized Tasting Menu - just one that you can book ahead (typically at their Chef's Table that has a $800 minimum), but possibly in the resto too at a tbd price, with a tbd number of courses. Does anyone else have any experience with this?

        1. Yen:

          Both when Chef was at Il Sogno and now at Capo it was my impression that there was a multi-course "special" offered nightly that was described by the server if you indicated interest.

          You are right I did not see the 5, 8 or 10 courses in the menu as has become the fashion elsewhere.

          At Il Sogno the multi-course option seemed to be quite popular but there were a lot of tables of 6 or more and we usually ate there on a Friday or Saturday night when it seemed people were out celebrating.

          Our one trip thus far to Capo was for a very early sitting during the summer and the restaurant was just beginning to fill up when were leaving so I did not spy as many interesting creations come out of the kitchen...mind you I go to for Chef's pasta.

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            You're definitely right, they do offer a special - i guess my idea of a "tasting menu" would be a prix fix, set number of courses, option on the menu. My understanding (i've only been to Capo once, so i can't say for sure) is the daily special fluctuates based on what is in the offering - more like a western version of an omakase.

            And yes, his pasta is amazing. I'm considering going for a pasta, pasta, pasta dinner sometime :)

          2. I just went to Blowfish, and tried their omakase (japanese tasting menu) - great deal! $69 for a 5-course meal - and they mentioned to me that if I would call 24 hrs in advance, I could have a lobster omakase next time (something I definitely have planned for the very-near future)

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              When you say 5 courses, what size and type of courses do you mean? Would it be something like Miso/Sunomono/Maki/Sashimi/Donburi, where each course is something substantial?

              The reason im asking is because $69 for omakase sounds like a terrible deal, depending on how they actually implement it. Usually, Omakase comes in many little dishes, where 5 courses really wouldnt be enough. I've had Omakase in some of the best sushi restaurants around, and they usually cost between 50-80 (with the exception of ones in Japan, Masa and Urasawa), but you're typically served between 10 and 30 dishes. Some, like Urasawa, treat each piece of Nigiri as a course, which is how they get to such an inflated number as 29 courses.

              Anyway, im just trying to get a more accurate understanding of what you get for $69. Any info would help, thanks.