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Feb 5, 2007 06:35 AM

bloomingdales fro yogurt - they win

for years I have been enjoying a small cup of the PLAIN frozen yogurt at 40 carrots in bloomingdales. it is addicting. it is the best. pinkberry pales in comparision. bloomies is smooth and lusious and just the right sourness. it is my fave and will always be,

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  1. The restaurants at the Lord & Taylor's also have amazing plain frozen yogurt.

    1. I heartily agree -- I like to split a plain with melba (raspberry) sauce and granola.

      1. Yes, Bloomingdale's rules when it comes to yogurt. There is no contest. Lord and Taylor also serves the same brand (Frogurt).

        1. I to am a hugh fan of the plain but when I'm in the mood for something sweet, I try the coffee. Its just devine, a frozen version of how i enjoy my coffee, light and sweet! Best of all, I live near the short hills mall in NJ and they have frozen yogurt too. I can run into their 'b-cafe' in the lower level and get my fix and be out the door in no time. Or if I'm meeting a friend, we lunch at LaProvence on the 3rd floor. The waiters know me and ask if I'm having my usual. I feel special with that kind of service! I'm hooked on the yogurt and the personalized service!!! ~Becky

          1. Frogurt (plain) is also available at Sedutto on 78th and 1st Avenue, and on the Upper West Side both at Café Lalo on W. 83rd as well as at Zabar’s Café on Broadway

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              There's a new Sedutto location on 87th and 1st also serving Frogurt.