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Oceanaire (PHilly) extended RW menu

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I just learned the Oceanaire has extended their $30. RW week menu for another week. We had a great meal their last Monday and I posted my review on the Restaurant Week string. Somew Restaurants did do RW right and we were lucky and hit 4 that did.

Steve R

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  1. Thanks Steve. Rather than create another post, since Oceanaire is extending RW, does any one know of any other restaurants that are extending their RW menu this week?

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      Django announced last week they were extended but they were fully booked except late seating.
      Steve R

    2. Though not necessary an "extended" RW option, The Prime Rib offers their RW menu as a pre-theater menu seven nights a week, 4:30 until 6:00pm.:

      3 Courses for $30 (not including Tax, Beverages, or Gratuity)

      First Course (Choice of)
      House Salad
      Caesar Salad
      Feta, Tomato, and Onion Salad
      or Roasted Tomato Soup

      Entree (Choice of)
      16 oz Roast Prime Rib of Beef
      12 oz Flat Iron Steak
      Grilled Atlantic Salmon
      or Double Breast of Chicken

      Entrees Served with Creamed Spinach & Mashed Potatoes

      Dessert (Choice of)
      Creme Brulee
      Key Lime Pie
      Chocolate Mousse Pie
      Ice Cream or Sorbet

      1. Ah ha! !!!! just as I suspected, Watson ! Listen to Aretha , chain chain chain, it's a chain restaurant .I despise all of that hype and huge portion baloney.

        Thanks for sacrificing yourself for our benefit, Chowtalk.

        1. i have to chime in,

          First, while I will respect Chowtalk's reviews once I get to know him/her via more postings, it is my personal thinking that I am going to disagree always with CT. If I look at all of Chowtalk's posts I'd have to classisfy about 80% of them as negative and CT is also a fan of the word "boring." Maybe I am too much a softee - maybe CT is a hard-nosed food critic - I cannot say. But dude, lighten up, maybe, and/or please start a thread on a restaurant you do like.

          Moving on, my own experience at Oceanaire is a bit more pleasant than others. We had lovely service at the bar and a very good drink. we were welcomed by the host in a very friendly manner (and the host even remembered my name afterwards even tho the reservation was not in my name).

          Table for 4 . I had the clam chowder which was borderline excellent...I'd add a touch more clam stock and it'd be a winner. And it wasn't overpriced. I had a seared Virginia striped bass which I found very very delicious - perfectly done, not dry, and not too salty. I didn't try anyone else's dinner (not the right dining partners) but the crab cakes to my left looked amazing. Service tween app and entree was way too slow. The side of coleslaw was a vinegar type slaw with a dollop of a mayo sauce on top - bizzare/sloppy presentation but tasty. I'll go back - and I'll sit at the friendly raw bar and have some soup n clams. and then , once Ive knocked a few other restaus off my list to try, I'd go back to Oceanaire.

          I want to believe that their fish is flown in that day or the day before - they claim it on their website and say its true for all their locations.