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Ingredient Shopping in Athens GA


I haven't lived in Athens long and I'm looking for things like xanthan gum, bulk fresh herbs, blood orange, and other stuff you can't get at the Kroger. Is there anywhere I can go to get this stuff?

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  1. This is a really good question. Probably your best bet is to move among the ethnic grocery stores (there are several on Baxter St., including Fooks Foods, The Tuscan Market, and Taj Mahal; a supermercado on Prince in Normaltown and one out Jefferson Highway called La Jalisco; and a Korean market on the East Side on Gaines School called Sa Rang Bang). Earthfare might have some stuff as well.

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      thanks. I was hoping to find a kitchen supply store or emporium type place, but I guess I'll check out the local ethnic markets for the fresh stuff, and order nonperishable/less perishable stuff online. I already go to a tienda on Barber st (I can walk to it, plus it's right next to the package store, bonus!) for all my meat. They have the freshest head-on shrimp I've seen around here and their ground beef and steaks are very fresh. I guess I'll ask them where I can get banana leaves/fresh arbols, etc. Those other ones sound good. Where is the supermercado on prince? Thanks for the tips.

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          I just got back from the supermercardo on prince where I was picking up some "home made" chorizo for $2.79/lb (to go with some mussels I'm making for a dinner app). Noticed they had lots of good looking food at the meat counter, including some fresh looking beef jerky. But the big score was that there was a guy outside selling both chicken and pork tamales for $1 each. I've only had the pork so far, but it was excellent, especially with the green pasty hot sauce on it.

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            Lordy. Is that an every Saturday kind of thing? I haven't had great tamales since my last visit to San Fran.

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              Not sure, there was a bit of a language barrier. All he said in English was tamale, chicken and pork. I'm far from a tamale expert as I tend to find them a bit boring, but this was pretty tasty. He had 3-4 coolers filled with the tamales around 1:30 today.

              Mussels were good tonight, but the chorizo wasn't nearly as spicy as I'm used to, in fact it was a little sweet.

        2. The mercado is next to Agua Linda and owned by the same people, I think. I haven't been in there, so I can't vouch for it, but I hear they have a great selection of CDs.

          1. haha maybe I'll pick up some menudo while I'm there

            1. Atlanta's not far... ;-) Good luck!

              1. Daily Grocery is good for fresh herbs and produce. Not a huge selection but lots of it is local. I bought blood oranges at Kroger last week. You should be able to get Xantham gum at the Phoenix market downtown, corner of Pulaski and Broad. If not, EarthFare probably has it. Also, check out athens.locallygrown.net, it's a coop that has weekly pickup at Gosford Wine. Saturday farmer's market at Big City Bread. It's middle of winter, so selection at the last two isn't great, but it gets better as it gets warmer.

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                    Where is Daily Grocery?

                    I found great blood oranges at earthfare a few days ago and they were actually cheaper than at Kroger. I bought them to make a Blood Orange Vanilla-Cello, if anyone's interested.

                    I also was looking for Lecithin to make a foam with and I found it without any problem at earthfare, didn't see any Xantham Gum though. That would be great to be able to find that stuff locally.

                    On another note, it seems like their are a lot of posters here from Athens.

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                      Daily is on Prince, near The Grit. I think they have a website, so google should locate it.

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                      Any idea what time of year that Saturday farmers mkt at Big City Bread typically opens? I realize the farms might not have enough ripe product yet, but this warm weather keeps reminding me of farmers markets.

                    3. Oh, oh, oh, I just discovered that Earth Fare sells Luna bread! Luna formerly sold only to restaurants, I think.

                      Heads up! This is truly great bread, some of the best I've ever had. Highly recommended! Beats Big City by a good margin, IMO.

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                        I went to Earthfare today and they only had the Luna Ciabatta rolls. I was looking for a bigger loaf so I got the earthfare brand baquette, which was pretty terrible.

                        I have been looking for good bread ever since I got some great bread at the Dekalb Farmer's Market after going to see Le Cordon Bleu.

                        When you went, did you see any other Luna breads or just the Ciabatta rolls?

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                          Earth Fare bread is awful.

                          Yeah, I got a huge sourdough loaf, which had a very mild sourdough twinge. Basically a really, really good white loaf with that little something extra.

                          I imagine they sell out of the stuff pretty quickly, as it's so good. I'm going to inquire as to delivery schedules next visit.

                      2. The Daily (co-op on prince) also sells Luna bread. A great place for upscale and/or hard to find ingredients is The Healthy Gourmet on Baxter. They have wonderful spices, cheese, wine & other things like artisan honey, truffle oil, etc. They also sell salmon that gets flown in overnight.

                        1. hey, i read on another post of yours that you were making blood orange-vanilla cello. I'm making a batch of orange cello right now, in addition to some other things, and wanted to know what ingredients you put in for the vanilla and when you put them in. also, did you put any sort of creme in there? thanks alot

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                            I just threw in a couple whole vanilla beans to infuse the vanilla flavor. The first time I tried it I split the beans and scraped the seeds out. This worked until I went to filter the seeds out. I used a coffee filter and it ended up taking out a lot of the orange color as well. I found out later that a lot of homemade cello's don't take on the color of the ones you see at the liquor store so it may have actually been ok.

                            I don't add any cream, it's not a traditional ingredient, but it could be interesting. If you want to have a fuller, thicker mouth feel, you can also add glycerine, which won't add any flavor, but will thicken the liquor.