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Feb 5, 2007 06:01 AM

Noodle Restaurants in Central NJ?

Anyone have a recommendation for Noodle Restaurants like the old Dosanko, or in the movie Tampopo, in Central NJ (Princeton-New Brunswick Corridor)?

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  1. DOSANKO! lived on that when I worked in the City! Ummm the dumplings and noodles were soo tasty.

    1. Noodle Gourmet on Easton Ave. in New Brunswick. It is one of my favorite places to eat whenever I am in town. They also have a bubble tea bar and a limited selection of mochi.

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        I can second Noodle Gourmet. If you're willing to drive north a little bit, China Star (corner of Rt1/Plainfield Ave) and Edison Noodle House (Old Post Rd. off Rt 1) are also excellent.

      2. Shanghai Bun in Matawan is also very good.

        1. A friend told me that Ya Ya Noodles in Montgomery (Route 206) was good BUT I don't know if she was referring to noodles or to regular Chinese Fare.

          I've never been there myself.

          1. Ya Ya Noodles is a sister restaurant of Tiger Noodles on Nassau Street in Princeton. I have been told that Ya Ya is the better of the two. Never been myself.

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              This is good to know. I'll look for Tiger Noodles the next time I'm lunching in Princeton.

              BTW, Ya-ya's got some good press in the latest issue of NJ Monthly which has a cover story on "cheap eats" in New Jersey.

              1. re: ambrose

                Thing is, Tiger Noodle is just not all that good. The only thing I've ever liked there is the 'special' of leeks, dried tofu, and chicken.
                YaYa, on the other hand, can be quite good, as long as you do not order the dishes that appeal to westerners, those tend to be a bit sweet and kind of on the gloppier side. Last time I was there, we had the chicken lettuce wraps, which were very good, reminded me of the lettuce wraps at the great Bing place on W.3rd in NYC. We also had the pork and squid, with scallions, IIRC, and chiles; it was spicy (for once!) and i really enjoyed it. The dish they make with Yuba, only I think they call it tofus skin or maybe strips, anyway, that's good too. Btw, I'm not saying one of those if it's not "authentic" it's not good kind of things...merely noting that in my experiences at both YaYa and Tiger Noodle, you're so much better off ordering the more Chinese and less Americanized cuisine.

                1. re: brownie

                  I agree. I went to tiger noodle after hearing the ridiculous hype and boy was i disappointed. It's definitely better than your typical generic Chinese joint but nothing special compared to the real noodle shops.

                  1. re: joonjoon

                    Agreed. A funny off-chicken smell to the place, too.