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Feb 5, 2007 05:47 AM

Applewood- drinks after?

Going to Applewood for Valentines ( actually -after- VD but no worries ) and am looking for a place to have quiet drinks afterwards. NOT a "bar" or if a bar, a quiet romantic one. Any wine bars of note? Or maybe dessert-cafe with port selection?

I'm open to ideas.

Near or in Park Slope, Thanks.

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  1. Here's the Park Slope Reader's compendium of bars in PS - a very good resource

    And here's a short review of my umpteenth meal at Applewood from Sat night

    1. The bar attached to Cocotte is very cozy.

      1. Cocotte is sorta far from Applewood (at least a 15 min walk). A good place near Applewood is is 12th St Bar & Grill, but the bar sometimes plays obnoixoisly loud music (even when nearly empty). The restaurant is nice and warm though, and they have good deserts.
        Bar Toto is also a great italian bar just down the block from Applewood.

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          I guess in the cold it is a bit of a walk, but Larry said in or near Park Slope...And I don't think it would take quite that long to walk the 8 blocks, unless someone walked prettly slow.

        2. Applewood has a small bar. If there's room, I'm sure they'd let you linger for a drink or two.

          1. Applewood has 6 or so stools at their bar and an entertaining understated bartender, Lawrence, to boot.

            I'd call and ask if their booking seats at the bar for the dinner and if not, then assume there'd be room for you there if you're at the later dinner seating (I assume they're doing 2 seatings, are they not?)