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Feb 5, 2007 04:58 AM

Three Nights in a Row at O'Sullivan's

I feel kinda bloated and happy at the same time after a trifecta at O'Sully's in Somerville. Had the blackjack burger Thursday night, followed by potato skins, beer, and Jim Beam Friday night, followed by the three cheese burger on Saturday night. Both burgers were excellent as usual, and the skins went well with the Beam (and what doesn't, actually?).

It's back to miso soup and rice and beans for me for least until the next O'Sullivan's run...

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  1. I'm glad to hear your burgers were excellent; I was starting to believe, based on a bunch of posts here, that I was the only person who could get a request for medium-rare honored there. I've had excellent luck. Now if only they could make fries and onions rings that I like as much as the burgers....

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      That's why I commit the cardinal sin of ordering rice with my burgers there. I can't deal with the fries at O'Sullivan's, and the rings are so-so at best. My GF actually ordered mashed potatoes with her burger when we went, and while they were clearly not freshly made (and perhaps bought from across the street at Star Market/Shaw's/whatever), they weren't too bad. I might go that route next time.

      1. re: hiddenboston

        i actually like the fries. they're sort of like a cross between a baked potato and a french fry. maybe they should be cooked a little hotter so the outside is more crispy. but since so many people don't like the fries i don't see why they keep the recipe.

      2. re: MC Slim JB

        My last visit (about 9 days ago) was wonderful - DC and I both requested our burgers MR and we were both very happy with the perfectly-cooked results.

      3. Love those potato skins - unbelievably crispy on the outside, still soft inside, not dried out. But dang those will definitely guilt you into a miso soup diet for a few days afterwards.

        1. The slabs that pass for fries at O'Sullivans are horrible. If you order them well done, they are a bit more tolerable. I usually just go rings and don't care because the burgers are so good. I have never had an issue getting MR there.

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            wow...i guess i've just had bad luck there when requesting med-rare. i've never said "please make sure it's not overcooked" so i dont look like a pain in the a$$.

          2. Yeah, the fries are mediocre, the onion rings just OK, but what undercuts the O'Sullivan's burger experience for me is the horribly boring beer selection. Harpoon IPA is a very good drink, but when it's the most exciting option available, you've got a very unimaginative pub manager. Which, come to think of it, may explain the failure to upgrade the lame fries.....oh, well. I still love the place....but it's frustrating to think of how a few improvements could make it even more wonderful.

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            1. re: katzzz

              Not sure if you ever met the owner, but I can't see him ever expanding the beer list, because I believe he sees the place for what it is: a neighborhood pub. Mr. O'Sullivan is pretty resistant to change, so don't expect exotic beers anytime soon.

              The thing is, I like all kinds of beers (I make my own, actually), but I find myself drinking Bud at O'Sullivan's for the most part because it just feels right. I actually repect the fact that he hasn't gone upscale in the beer selection. I tend to have Bud and Miller with my burgers, wherever I go; if I'm ordering a more substantial dinner somewhere else, I do tend to go for the UFOs and the IPAs the Belgian ales, etc.

              Just my two cents' worth!

            2. I always loved hte nuclear fires at O'Sullie's.. thye used ot be one of my favorites. Maybe they have changed as I am not in that area anymore and haven't gone in a while....