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Feb 4, 2007 10:48 PM

guava anything

What would you recommend (other than Porto's lovely concoction)?

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  1. try cafe tropical - sunset one block west of silverlake.
    also, colombian places (la fonda antioquen~a, la maria, etc.) usually have guava desserts. And any south american (argentine, etc) market has guava paste in a can. Eat it with a simple white cheese and some cream, as you would a quince paste (dulce/doce de membrillo/marmelo, cotignac, birzsalmasajt, etc).

    1. I think Surfas sells a frozen guava puree.

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        Me thinks you're right... they did carry it at the original location, along with alot of other purees... If I were PseudoNerd, I can see myself doing alot of damage with just the puree... Like handing a paintbrush to Picasso...

      2. I had Strawberry Guava frozen yogurt at 21 Choices yesterday. It was pretty tasty, but you only get a hint of the guava flavor.

        1. La Casita Mexicana has guava with Mexican egg nog as dessert. Pretty strong liquor component to the nog. Very tasty.

          La Casita Mexicana
          4030 Gage Ave, Bell, CA 90201

          Cream of guava soup at Babita!

          1823 S San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA

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          1. re: kiwonyoon

            Here's a pic of that Guava dessert at La Casita, which is absolutely delicious:

            I also had a duo of soups consisting of roasted guava and pumpking at Babita:

            Babita will also occassionaly have a guava mousse pie that's really yummy.


            1. re: pleasurepalate

              Wow, nice pics. And I'm so jealous of that chefs' tour! How was it organized?

              1. re: kiwonyoon

                Actually, a friend of mine contacted the Chefs directly and than between him, them and myself, we set up this whole event. It was a lot of fun and they charged $55 per person which is pretty good for everything we got.

            2. re: kiwonyoon

              I'll add to the La Casita Guava dessert hyperbole - it is truly fantastic.
              Liek the below poster, I had a guava ice cream conncoction at Scoops but you can't predict what he will make and when (which is half the charm).

            3. sometimes scoops has guava-something gelato.