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Feb 4, 2007 10:25 PM

Sausage Factory Outlet (SF)

A couple weeks ago, we were driving out Mission when my father pointed to the right, asking "does that say Sausage Factory Outlet?' And indeed it did.

We returned the next afternoon to check it out. With a warehouse exterior and no signs with hours, I couldn't tell if it was open for business and didn't feel like searching for parking just to find it shuttered. So I parked in the driveway, and tried the door. It was open and inside I found a sales counter and a refrigerator case of packaged sausages. A man came out from the back to help me, and handed me a flyer from the stack on the counter listing the inventory and prices.

Every product from each of the lines that Engelhart makes is available here: Schwarz Sausage, 49er Brand Beef, Le Pique-Nique, Brooks Farms Certified Organic, Home Fine Sausage, and Leon's Bar B Q Sauce. Depending on type, the sausages are sold in 1 to 5 lb. packages. Worried about being illegally parked, I quickly selected the Schwarz garlic sausages in natural casing, priced at $3.05 per pound.

Next time I'm grilling for a crowd, I'll be back for the Schwarz old fashioned franks (beef and pork in a snappy casing) and/or the Schwarz bockwurst, same as Top Dog uses.

Schwarz Sausage Factory Outlet
1726 Mission St.
San Francisco
(415) 621-9830

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  1. Thanks to you (and your Dad!) for the heads up!

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    1. re: DavidT

      You're welcome! I haven't done any price comparisons so I hope another price-shopper out there can tell us if this is a big discount or not.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Who cares? Just ate some and will fly to SF to try all of them. Best sausage that I have ever eaten.

    2. Yes, thanks for the tip. My mechanic use to be around the corner so I've stood at that bus stop a few time...but never went in. FYI: I believe Schwartz sausages retail in the $5-$6 a lb range, so $3 sounds like a good deal.

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      1. re: ML8000

        You're welcome, and thanks for the price info. On the flyer, prices range from $2.40 to $3.80 per pound, the highest being Andouille sausage. I'd upload an image of it, but the flyer is a blurry, gray streaked photocopy and it wouldn't be legible.

        On the website, the Fairfield factory is planning a retail deli, but it's not open yet.

      2. Not exactly on subject, but we tried some chicken basil sun-dried tomato sausage from Costco...superb. Marked as "Sonoma Brand", but made in Colorado. Best I've ever tasted.

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        1. re: OldTimer

          The list has Le Pique-Nique's chicken & turkey with basil and sun-dried tomatoes at $3.75/lb. Don't know how that compares in taste.

        2. You made my day! Every time I have have a craving for a grilled kielbasa or bockwurst on a seeded roll, I head over to the Famous Frankfurter in Millbrae. Whenever I asked (nicely) who their sausage supplier was, they would change the subject. Then one day, while eating, I saw a Schwarz meat truck delivering their sausages. Aha! I then started buying them at Cal/Bell Markets(out of business) and later at Lunardi's where you pay $6/lb. The trouble is they're the 9 inch long type where it's impossible to find a bun to fit.
          So now I see this post and know I'm in heaven.

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          1. re: gourmetwannabe

            Good sleuthing! I don't run across Schwarz in my usual haunts, seeing Saag's and Evergood more often for these varieties. The bockwurst and kielbasa are $3.15/lb. The kielbasa is listed as 3, 4 or 5 pieces per pound, so perhaps you can buy a different size and solve the bun problem. It also lists a cocktail kielbasa at 12/14 to 1 @ $3.40.

            There's also a kolbase (Jelenich) 4-1 @ $3.55. Anyone know what this is?

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              That's interesting, a cursory search revealed that it is a sausage made by Jelenich's, a place on 1789 Mission featuring "specialty sausage products". A search of them by name and the phone number gave no results. The phone number came from a PDF of the monthly listing and calendar of events in Oct.'09 of Nativity of our lord church on Fell. The last page of the listing contains business card ads and Jelenich's is one of them.

              1. re: cheesecakeking

                Gosh, thanks for looking into that. I wonder if that one is still available or whether anyone has tasted them. This month, I'm more aware of Croatian stuff than usual, and Jelenich is a Croatian surname. So sounds like a Croatian (or Serbian or Macedonian) version of kielbasa. In San Pedro 2 weeks ago, I stared at a refrigerator full of Croatian-style kobasica, so it's kinda on my mind. The kobasica from Corralitos is my favorite of that smokehouse's offerings and now I know its Croatian.

                Schwarz Sausage Factory Outlet
                1726 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103

            2. re: gourmetwannabe

              Hey, gourmetwannabe, I share your pain at the closings of all those Cala/Bell markets. (The Bell Market at Post and Franklin was a favorite.) But the chain hasn't been entirely erased. I think they went through some sort of sale or restructuring or something, and sold off loads of their stores. But there are still a few left. The old 24-hr. Cala at California and Hyde is still there. (Haven't checked to see if they offer your sausage brand yet, sorry.)

              1. re: weem

                I see they have been doing alot of construction work at the the former Bell Market at Post and Franklin. Anyone know what's gonna take its place? Same goes for the old Albertson's at 32nd & Clement.

                1. re: baron45

                  It's a shame about the Albertson's at 32nd/Clement. When I lived out there the original plan was to put up affordable housing (not projects, just "affordable") or a mixed use site. These plans got shot down and now there's an empty supermarket.

            3. Thanks for the lead, I was almost thinking I'd have to make my own!