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Feb 4, 2007 09:24 PM

chinese restaurant in alhambra, ca?

hey, folks. looking for a really nice (semi-formal) chinese restaurant in alhambra with great food for a chinese new year celebration - any recommendations?

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  1. Empress Harbor (technically Monterey Park)
    Ocean Star (also MP)
    Capital Seafood next to 99 Ranch on Garvey/Atlantic (MP)

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    1. re: WHills

      The restaurants above are authentic Cantonese cuisine and would likely serve a very good Chinese New Year dinner with Cantonese specialties.

      Triumphal Palace and Mission 261 are more upscale Chinese place. Be prepared to pay double what you would be paying at Ocean Star and Empress Harbor. I'm a more practical person, and for me to pay double, I would expect the food to be doubly good. Unfortunately, I haven't found Mission 261 to be worth the price. But, if you are looking for a nicer, upscale place, go to TP or Mission. If you want good, authentic Chinese, try Empress Harbor or Ocean Star.

    2. Triumphal Palace on Main street and Mission 261

      1. please expand - why is each of these good? thanks!

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          Use the search function in the upper right hand corner and enter TP or Mission 261 and read other posts on the subject and judge for yourself.
          Here is just one example:

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            Both places are good to even very good at times with a upscale atmosphere. Outside of Alhambra I would also recomend New Concept on Atlantic in Moneteray Park and Sea Harbour on Rosemead. Both again are upscale with excellent food.

          2. Triumphal Palace is more upscale, which is what you're looking for. Their food is not Cantonese, I forgot which province their food is from, but it's very authentic and exotic.