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Who makes the best sausages in Vancouver?

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I usually ge them from Oyama at Granville Island....any other suggestions?

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  1. Drews' fresh sausages are terrific. Really fantastic attention to detail there.

    1. Windsor meats' *beef* sausages take the cake. They are exactly what a beef sausage should be, and I haven't found a better one. And they are $1.49 / lb! They sell them as a bit of a loss-leader to get people into the store, and I'm a bit hesitant about mentioning them because sometimes when I go to pick some up they've sold out because someone has come in and bought 10 lbs of them.

      1. A colleague from S. Africa swears by:

        Marpole Quality Meat Supply
        9247 Shaughnessy St
        Vancouver, BC
        Tel: 604-261-4642

        As they supposedly make excellent boerewors and biltongs.

        1. Columbus Meat Market, JN and Z and Cioppis all make pretty good sausages and Frebye has an outlet store on E Hastings with good prices on their products.

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            Not forgetting the British Butcher Shoppe in North Vancouver, who do a wide variety. I go there and stock up on sausages and other Brit goods.

            Soreen malt loaf anyone?

          2. If you're outside of the city, A & K Sausage in Maple Ridge makes great weisswurst, much better than what you get from Oyama. A & K's landjaeger is better too (and available in all stages of dry/moist). They also have outstanding smoked pork chops.

            1. for cheap ,tasty and interesting selection elk sausages etc.. check out rios friendly on hastings

              1. For a taste of old world continental european sausage, my family's favorite shop is International Sausage on Gilmore. p.s. My parents are immigrants from Germany and Austria, and both worked in the sausage/european foods industry prior to retiring...so they know their sausage! :)

                International Sausage House
                1846 Gilmore Ave
                Burnaby, BC V5C 4T4
                (604) 294-8248