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Who makes the best sausages in Vancouver?

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I usually ge them from Oyama at Granville Island....any other suggestions?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Drews' fresh sausages are terrific. Really fantastic attention to detail there.

      1. Windsor meats' *beef* sausages take the cake. They are exactly what a beef sausage should be, and I haven't found a better one. And they are $1.49 / lb! They sell them as a bit of a loss-leader to get people into the store, and I'm a bit hesitant about mentioning them because sometimes when I go to pick some up they've sold out because someone has come in and bought 10 lbs of them.

      2. A colleague from S. Africa swears by:

        Marpole Quality Meat Supply
        9247 Shaughnessy St
        Vancouver, BC
        Tel: 604-261-4642

        As they supposedly make excellent boerewors and biltongs.

        1. Columbus Meat Market, JN and Z and Cioppis all make pretty good sausages and Frebye has an outlet store on E Hastings with good prices on their products.

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            Not forgetting the British Butcher Shoppe in North Vancouver, who do a wide variety. I go there and stock up on sausages and other Brit goods.

            Soreen malt loaf anyone?

          2. If you're outside of the city, A & K Sausage in Maple Ridge makes great weisswurst, much better than what you get from Oyama. A & K's landjaeger is better too (and available in all stages of dry/moist). They also have outstanding smoked pork chops.

            1. for cheap ,tasty and interesting selection elk sausages etc.. check out rios friendly on hastings