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Feb 4, 2007 08:40 PM

Any ramen in San Jose

Desperately looking for a way to end my "Ramen Heaven" (imported ramen pack craze) and was hoping for a ramen restaurant in San Jose - anywhere from Santa Cruz up to Fremont. Is there any good ramen, udon or rice noodle soup restaurants in this area? If not, what about in SF, within walking distance of a BART or Caltrain Station (I HATE parking in SF)?

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  1. Lucky for you, San Jose has more and better ramen shops that anywhere else in our area. Here's a start -

    1. halu ramen - cash only.
      tokushima do henkotsu - credit cards accepted.
      both are located on saratoga in san jose.

      1. Ramen Halu all the way. Cash only, a little steeper in price than most but you will NOT be disappointed.

        As for rice noodle, if you mean pho, San Jose is the best place for this too. Pho Bang on Tully & King gets my #1 but is a definite dive as far as everything is concerned. If you're squeamish about bathrooms, avoid this place. Pho Y is also a great pho place.

        1. I haven't found a better place for more authentic and fulfilling Ramen than Santa Ramen in San MAteo ( I know it is a bit far for you, but if you don't mind driving for good food, you should definitely try it. They have basic Ramen bowls and you can mix and match a lot of different "accessories" with broths. This is what I normally get - stewed (or roasted) pork, pork flavor (broth), roasted garlic, kim chee, extra noodles, extra spicy, egg. It is around $12 but it is huge. I should try tokushima some time based on reviews here ..