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Feb 4, 2007 08:36 PM

Hampton Roads, Virginia

I'd really like to see more (any!) posts from Hampton Roads chowhounds. There's some good food and drinks around here, some ethnic holes-in-the-wall, new restaurants, organic markets, ethnic markets, etc....
come on!
someone from this area tell us the best place where you've eaten recently.


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  1. It's not exactly a "hole-in-the-wall" but I can usually be found at Bobbywood or 219. Both have excellent food and decent prices. Both are downtown Norfolk and both are really accessible to downtown living. Other places I enjoy are La Galleria, Viola, and Omar's Carriage House. I am very interested in trying Velvet Lounge and Rama Thai. I read your review of Rama the other day and still haven't tried it yet, I'm getting there. Still trying to find a day off.

    1. Hi y'all! I'm in the process of relocating to Norfolk from Phoenix. I should be there by mid-March permanently, right now, I'm gong between the two. I've been disappointed by the posting on Hampton Roads. I'll do my best to continue with posting new places that I'm exploring.

      1. We are eagerly awaiting the reopening of Blue Talon here in Williamsburg. There is a W&M bball game tonight so you'll probably find us at Paul's. Has anyone tried Light in Newport News?

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          I had lunch at Light last week. I had the cream of parsnip soup with black truffle and the pressed Smithfield ham sandwich. There was so much vinegar in the soup that delicate flavor of truffle was completely drowned out. The sandwich was pretty good. Toasted homemade bread with thin slices of ham and artisan cheese and served with an apricot dijon spread. Pretty good but not enough sandwich for the $12 price. Sides (e.g., onion rings, fried green tomatoes, etc.) would be an extra $5. It has a nice interior (I never went when it was Cowboy Sid's so I can't comment on if it's very different) and the service was OK if not a bit doting (only 4 tables were occupied the day I was there). The menu definitely is interesting and I'd be willing to give it another try despite the prices.

          On another note I also recently went to Thaijindesu on the other side of the square in Port Warwick. It's a Japanese-Thai restaurant although I went for the Thai. I had the Panang Curry with beef which was tasty but the beef was a bit tough. Perhaps chicken would have been a better choice. The fried spring rolls were pretty good. Service was good as were the prices. They were doing a brisk business during lunch on a Thursday.

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            I didn't know they closed. There's a great new place here in Norfolk called The Boot whose chef used to be sous chef at Blue Talon

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              The Boot is good? I was unsure I had heard it was mostly about live music.

              1. re: wellfedred

                no, it's definately about food first and music a distant second. the menu is great - very creative. it is the same owners as Relative Theory Records so there is a bit of that influence. They will have bands on occassion. it's just a really hip place that combines food, music, movies, art and people. the concept is wonderful - they use as much local and regional and organic stuff as possible including the beef and they even get grains from a mill somewhere close. I have to admit, though, the concept is still better than the reality at this point but they're new and i'm confident they will work out the bugs.

            2. re: birdie

              The Blue Talon Bistro will be opening on March the 12th!

            3. Ok, so where is the boot located? thanks!

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                The Boot is located at the corner of 21st Street and Omahundro towards the Granby intersection. It's the former location of Cafe Rosso.

              2. I had a pretty bad experience at The Boot... I think they may have accidently dropped an entire bottle of salt into my pasta, my boyfriend got some sort of shellfish stew, I don't recall what it was called exactly, that came out with about 3 shrimp and 2 mussels in a clear broth. That's it. Not very stew-like and missing the rest of the ingredients listed on the menu. Their beer selection is great however. I might go back to drink but for dinner, I'll go somewhere else and pay less money for something good.