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Pif, Pumpkin or Matyson? (or maybe xochitl?)

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going into town on tuesday evening for dinner and i cannot decide where. we want it to be fairly casual - it'll be my sister, her husband, and me, for birthdays). a byo is always a good choice but it's not mandatory. i can't seem to find any recent info on either pif or pumpkin, and i can't get past all the postings about matyson. so i am asking....thx

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  1. guess i am on my own here.....thx for the input

    1. Sorry about that. I didn't see your post. If it isn't too late, Pif has been terrific lately. I've also heard great things about Xochitl, but haven't been myself. Of your choices, I'd put Pumpkin at the bottom. The others are all probably similar quality, but very different experiences. It just depends what you are looking for.

      1. I'd go with Pif, too. Agree with Hungry that Pumpkin would be my last choice--not bad, but for my taste, ordinary.

        1. I'd rank Pif the best, then Matyson, then Pumpkin. They're all good restaurants, I don't think you'd be disappointed at any of them. If you've never been to any of them, Pif should definitely top the list. Never been to Xochitl, but people I know who have say it's pretty good.

          1. I think Pif is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. I'm not sure, you may want to check it out first. As Buckethead mentioned, you shouldn't be dissapointed with either choice.

            1. I like all 3 ... only thing is that Pumpkin's menu is very small, and for a non-red-meat eater like myself it can be challenging. Not sure if that's an issue with your party.

              1. It might be too late to add, but I have been to Xochitl, and it's fantastic. If you go and want a table for dinner, it may be worth it to make reservation because the dining room is small.

                Lots of apps that also make small entrees, and are good for sharing.

                1. thanks for the feedback. we couldn't do pumpkin (cash only), my sister and her husband went to matyson last night on a whim...and i don't know why but pif fell through too ( i wasn't in charge of making the reservations). we lucked out and got an early seating at amada. i know it wasn't even in the initial running but as everyone knows with dining out, plans change.
                  it was our second vist there (individually) and just like the first time, we were in no way disappointed. everything was delicious and the service couldn't have been better. our waiter was knowledgable, frlendly, prompt and extremely attentive. he overheard my sister mention my birthday to me, and my dessert came with a candle, no fanfare (thank god) just a tasetfully lit candle and his best wishes.
                  pif and xochitl are still on the to be tried list. pumpkin moved down a notch for now
                  pif and xochitl are still on the to be tried list...i think pumpkin is too but with less urgency.
                  i know many find amada to be pricey for what you get, but personally i disagree. one need not gorge to have a fully satisfying dinner there. we shared 8 tapas between the 3 of us and no one left hungy or remotely less than satisfied. it was an excellent birthday dinner.