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Feb 4, 2007 07:31 PM

Looking for supplier of Peruvian corn

I'm looking for a source of fresh, frozen or (shhh! will consider canned) Peruvian corn. You know, those huge tasty kernels served up at all the Peruvian places.

We've been checking out the Peruvian food scene of late and my wife's developed a serious craving for those big ol' kernels (I don't think she's preggo.) I've searched the web but am striking out.

Am gonna have to turn in my webmeister card if I can't find a supplier. Doesn't have to be in the Bay Area.

We've been to Limon twice in the past 2 weeks for Saturday lunch. Did appetizer, main and dessert courses both times. We never eat like that for lunch, but the food there is soooooo amazing. We finished off our lunch on Saturday with three scoops of home-made ice cream and sorbet...lucuma, cherimoya, and coconut....laid out atop a quinoa wafer. Awesome!

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  1. Richmond - Quetzel Soccer ... the only place I've seen Peruvian groceries. There is only one shelf, but they have the corn. There is also the name of the company they buy from so you can buy via mail.

    The link in the above link also describes other things the carry like the cool whole dried purple corn on the cob.

    Take the 23rd street exit off 580. Keep going till you see McDonald on MacDonald Avenue.

    BTW, just before you hit McDonald, you will hit Plaza Girabaldi which has Peruvian food. NOTHING ... NOTHING upscale here ... be warned ... not from the Peruvian side of the menu, but from the Mexican side ... great fish tacos. AGAIN ... we are talking dive with a capital "D". Nice people though. Sometimes they speak English.

    Somewhere on the General Board there is a GREAT link to an on-line source to all food South American but I despair at the thought of searching at this time.

    1. Looks like Amigo Foods is a good source of Latin American products

      What was the name and address of the LatAm grocery near you?

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      1. re: chilihead2006

        That was the link I was talking about.

        Qutezal Soccer
        2821 MacDonald
        Richmond, Ca

        Hours: (they are new, so hours subject to change
        )M-F: 8 am - 8 am
        Sat: 8 am - 6 pm
        Sun: 8 am - 4 pm

      2. Maybe this place has it?

        Someone from travel forum (Lonely Planet Thorntree) posted it.

        Actually, this seems pretty close:

        1. El Chico Produce Markets carry lots of Peruvian foods. Maybe they'd carry this item. I shop at the one at 4600 Mission (at Brazil) in the Excelsior district. There are others at 2214 Clement St, 2965 24th Street, and 1735 Noriega St.

          1. The original comment has been removed