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Donut Man-Am I Missing Something?

Since I've read so many great things about Donut Man we decided to take advantage
of the light SuperBowl traffic and make the drive out to Glendora today.

We didn't ask what was fresh, we just ordered the kind of donuts we like and here's
how it went:
Buttermilk - kind of rubbery and not very good
Raised Cinnamon Crumb - also, not very good - threw out 2nd half
Maple Bar - again, not very good
Raspberry filled - waaaaay too much filling, had to squeeze out 95% of it. also, not great
Chocolate Bar - the best of the group

Is part of the appeal that the donuts are so large? I'd rather have a small doughnut
with great flavor and the right texture anyday.

I have to say that the little hole in the wall place we happened upon in Montrose
last month blows Donut Man away. But, of course, that's just my opinion.

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  1. The obsession with Donut Man hinges a lot on their seasonal donuts, ie the strawberry donut in the spring and the peach donuts in the summer. There are other donuts that I like at Donut Man, especially the apple fritter, but the seasonals are their pieces de resistance.

    1. Please tell us the hole in the wall place in Montrose.....

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      1. re: Kitchen Queen

        I actually don't know the name but it's on Verdugo at the west end of the Vons
        shopping center.
        I'd be curious to know what others think of their doughnuts.
        We've actually gotten there right at closing time and the doughnuts were still
        delicious. My favorites are the crumb twist and apple fritter. I will confess that
        the buttermilk is not good, so stay away from that one.

      2. Like so many of the places mentioned on this board, it looks like Donut Man has fallen prey to Chowound-itis ... where reality can NEVER meet the glowing expectations created by fellow chowounds ...

          1. The raves on the board have always been for the seasonal donuts (strawberry and peach)...

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            1. re: JudiAU

              And the Apple! YUM!! I also like their buttermilk bars/buns... And personally I DO enjoyed that their jelly donuts are CHOCK full of Jelly...

              But yes, always ask what is the freshest... then eat right away... YUM!!


            2. I personally like their regular donuts as well - I usually go for the chocolate raised. I like them a lot better than anything I've found in my neigborhood (Pasadena).

              1. I'm with you, I've found their non-fruit filled donuts pedestrian. If you want a big variety of really delicious traditional donuts in the area, you might want to try Miss Donuts on the corner of Bonita and D St. in La Verne, just a few miles further east.

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                1. re: heckonwheels

                  i live very close to donut man and have written positive and negative comments about the place - sadly, i'm not a big fan of peaches or strawberries so i am not on the bandwagon as to their
                  "specialty" donuts but it took me a few visits to realize that you have to ask for the fresh donuts - and they tell you what they are and they will even give you a donut off the
                  " production" line if they are making any donuts...and they are usually making something...and i agree with most that virtually all donut places are good when you get the donut fresh - the difference here is donut man is a busy place and so they tend to have a few selections that are fresh virtually all day ( i have yet to hit the place between 2-6 pm...emphasis on yet ! )

                  the first time i had the tiger tail after many bragged about it...i didn't get it...gave it a 2nd try - had a fresh one...and now i'm hooked !

                  1. re: kjs

                    Concur. But this is true of all donuts. Freshness is key. Nothing like 1/2 day old donuts to ruin a perfectly good combo of fried dough and sugar ...

                2. I think their cream donuts are fantastic.

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                  1. re: broncosaurus

                    i agree - and they also go beyond the norm - pumpkin cream cheese filling is an example - i personally thought the filling was too rich but i appreciate the effort

                  2. Does anyone know if they've started serving the strawberry donuts yet this season?

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                    1. re: kiwonyoon

                      They had some last weekend - and they were, as promised, delicious!

                    2. They gotta be fresh, and the seasonal ones are the best.

                      1. Fratelli in Beverly Hills on Canon Drive has the most scrumptious donuts I have ever tried. The flavors are amazing, the cake is perfect, worth the extra bucks. Also Bob's at the Farmer's market (3rd and Fairfax)

                        1. I'm of the opinion that comparing fresh Donut Man donuts, especially the seasonal ones, to any other donut establishment isn't a fair fight.

                          1. Next time you come out to Monterey Park, check out the donuts made at the Shell Gas station on the corner of Atlantic & (formerly Brooklyn) Chavez. Yes, I was also amazed that in that tiny little quickie mart space were the most amazing buttermilk donuts and maple bars. Not heavy, no grease saturating the paper bag, friendly staff, and you get to bag your own donuts. Pay for your gasoline purchase, and buy freshly made donuts. These guys are the real deal donut men.