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Feb 4, 2007 06:53 PM


Last night I was in Walnut Creek at a friend's and we decided to try Spin. For those of you who don't know, Spin is a ralatively new nightclub in downtown Walnut Creek. But recently they've started to do take-out and are soon going to be open for lunch. But the major thing about Spin is that for 4 or 5 hours straight Tony Gegminani ( World Famous and award-winning pizza spinner) is spinning the pizzas to the dancefloor music. Yet, tonight we opted for their take-out.
Itr didn't dissapoint. We ordered two thin crust pizzas ( all pizzas are 13 in): the Goodfella (plain) and the Soprano (meatball and some other stuff). We also ordered a Pizza Margherita. All pizzas were excellent. The thin crust pizzas were New York style thin, and the sauce on the Margherita was the best I've ever had. And the ingredients beat out many other places too. Finally, good pizza out in Contra Costa County!

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  1. Disco pizza?! That just screams REALITY SHOW.

    1. When I was at the Alameda County Fair last year, Tony was doing his demo, and all tricks aside the samples of his pizzas that I had were excellent. In partifcular, the Cal-Ital is his signature, it's the onethat won him "Best Taste" on Food Network, and it was really good. It has like 3 or 4 good cheeses, fig paste and prociutto with a balslamic reduction-type drizzle on it. The samples were really good, my girlfriend thought it was the best ever.

      Haven't made it to Spin yet, we tried too, but after a BART delay, we got there just after the kitchen closed and haven't mad it back out yet, but we can't wait. I'm kinda intrigued by the whole club aspect of it, too, as I like good cocktails, but I mainly really want to eat a whole pie of that Cal-Ital.

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        Yeah, I heard that one was their signature. But I haven't had good New York Style Pizza for a month, so I was in need of some. So I skipped all the specialty pizzas.