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Feb 4, 2007 06:46 PM

Ok, Toronto foodies....

...tell me the "must go/eat" places in Toronto. I am going to be at the Intercontonental Hotel so places that are reasonably close to there or easy to get to.

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  1. Jewel-Why don't you spend 5 minutes looking at the board and then ask some specific questions based on your tastes?

      1. Welcome to Toronto! Near your hotel is Bar Mecurio - nice fresh OJ and good pizza. For lunch, a short stroll will take you to the Gardner Museum (Jamie Kennedy resto) - I think you might need to reserve. (Lunch only)
        And not much further is Spledido on Harbord St., possibly the BEST place in the city for food and service.
        Any questions - just ask - we're here to help!

        1. I, for one, would like to know if it's the Front St or Bloor St Intercontinental.

          1. Jewels - I understand that you woudl want to stick close to your hotel - but really, you should venture a little bit away from it and get a true feel for Toronto's best...

            Front Street - Yikes - head up to King west and go there...west of spadina that is.
            - stick away from teh financial district and those chain restaurants on Front.

            If you are up near Bloor - definitely Splendido if you are willing to shell out the cash.