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Ok, Toronto foodies....

...tell me the "must go/eat" places in Toronto. I am going to be at the Intercontonental Hotel so places that are reasonably close to there or easy to get to.

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  1. Jewel-Why don't you spend 5 minutes looking at the board and then ask some specific questions based on your tastes?

      1. Welcome to Toronto! Near your hotel is Bar Mecurio - nice fresh OJ and good pizza. For lunch, a short stroll will take you to the Gardner Museum (Jamie Kennedy resto) - I think you might need to reserve. (Lunch only)
        And not much further is Spledido on Harbord St., possibly the BEST place in the city for food and service.
        Any questions - just ask - we're here to help!

        1. I, for one, would like to know if it's the Front St or Bloor St Intercontinental.

          1. Jewels - I understand that you woudl want to stick close to your hotel - but really, you should venture a little bit away from it and get a true feel for Toronto's best...

            Front Street - Yikes - head up to King west and go there...west of spadina that is.
            - stick away from teh financial district and those chain restaurants on Front.

            If you are up near Bloor - definitely Splendido if you are willing to shell out the cash.

            1. Hey Jewels,
              For sure there are lots of "must go/eat" places in Toronto. If you're staying at the the IC up on Bloor things are a little scarce - keep away from restros. in Yorkville - you'll pay through the nose and get rubbish in return. (There's some awesome food shopping in Yorkville, btw) Grab a taxi and boot it south! If you're down on Front Street, on the other hand, the world is your oyster.

              It also depends on your budget - what sort of price range? What sort of nosh do you like? Let me know and I can give you all sorts of suggestions...

              1. Ok, heres where I went so far:
                Chapter 11- really good Salmon Fish and Chips
                Wish-Sunday Brunch, very good too.

                It is the Yorkville Intercontinental BTW
                Where should I go for lunch tomorrow?
                Where is the best coffee/cafe?
                Also planning to go to Soto Soto one night.

                Don't really feel like "dining", more in the mood for great atmospheres with interesting bites and cocktails......

                Anymore suggestions?

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                  It's supposed to warm up the next few days, in which case the stroll to Jet Fuel might be a good choice for some of the best coffee in the city; it's south-east of you at Parliament and Carleton. Bar Mercurio south also does excellent coffee (and it's a nice place, though I've never tried to sit with just a java).

                  There's a good lunch to be had close by at Focaccia (on Hayden street, east of Yonge and south of Bloor). If you want something "interesting" for lunch I would suggest Ethiopia House - head south on Bay and turn left (east) on Irwin St. Excellent food (especially in the cold), interesting experience.

                  Have fun!

                2. Cava (uptown at Yonge and St. Clair) would both be good for lunch I think- i'm not entirely sure what you mean about interesting food rather than dining, i'm assuming you mean a tapas type thing...that's why the Cava recommendation, it's great food.

                  1. oh and of course Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar- great little plates, fun atmosphere. Haven't been for lunch though.