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40th Birthday dinner suggestions?

Does anyone have suggestions for a 14 person birthday dinner that we are planning for Feb. 24th? French or any Asian cuisine would be great although Italian would work as well. The budget is a bit tight - so nothing too pricey. Any area of town is fine. Thanks!

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  1. oh sorry did'nt see that new part

      1. about $80 or so pp if poss.

        1. Buddakan is where I had my 35th. It was fun and the food was good for a massive asian fusion place. Ask for the communal table in the Main Room.

          Also, Asia de Cuba will do a prefixe party at their communal table for $75 pp not including tax, tip, booze. They are very generoous with the food.

          Sapa is another good Asian spot that might fit the bill.

          1. Thanks for your help. I'll check these out.

            1. Park Bistro, on Park Av. S., b/t 28th & 29th Sts., serves excellent modern French cuisine. Friendly, efficient service. Attractive Paris bistro-style decor. While it's not a huge place, they can handle a group your size.

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                Park Bistro is better suited for a 60 year old birthday. How about Savoy for a quieter setting; or Raoul's? 14 is doable in a lot of places.

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                  That comment about Park Bistro is ridiculous. Have you been there recently? We were there a week ago on a Saturday. The place was hopping, and just about all the patrons were in their 30's and 40's.

              2. Try Sidecar- private dining room upstairs at PJ Clarke's, 212-317-2044. Great for parties your size- not too noisy- good steak, fish, oyster bar- everyone will have a ball.

                1. I've been told these are good for parties our size - any advice on these? Cite (wine dinner), Les Halles, 'inoteca, Stanton Social, Havana Village or Crispo? Basically we want a prix fixe and a fun atmosphere with great food. Thanks again for any help you can offer!

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                    I heard that Cite will be closing..

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                      Eater says that will happen in "roughly two months."

                  2. If you want great food, in my view, you can skip Les Halles.

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                      I second this - and the service is poor too

                    2. Thanks for the heads up on those places - I appreciate your help!