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Feb 4, 2007 06:40 PM

Best Chinese Buffet in Tampa

I'll be up in Tampa in a few weeks and my friends want to go to a great Chinese Seafood Buffet. I've heard about 2 of them in Tampa: Vari-Asian Crazy Buffet and Todai. Has anyone had any experience with either of these 2 places and if so, which would you recommend. Also, are there other ones around that are better?

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  1. Todai closed about a year ago. I liked it in it's heyday but towards the end it started getting a bit run down and dirty. Crazy Buffet is still open and busy. Sometimes it's really good, sometimes just OK but they have a big variety and it's nice.

    1. Crazy Buffet is definitely where you should go if you're not a local, and have to get it right the first time... It's usually very good... 2 outta 8 times it won't be 'as' good, but the odds are in your favor... And it's a beautiful place... Go! --- It's a scene man!
      Cheaper than Crazy Buffet, and not quite as fancy, is 'China Buffet' on Fowler Avenue a couple blocks east of I-275...
      A lot of good food--- and a very nice selection of very decent tasting Sushi...
      Lotsa rolls, and they taste good!
      Salmon and Eel are abundant too... They are much cheaper than Crazy Buffet... After you feast, you'll be amazed when your $8.00 bill arrives!
      Crazy Buffet is $15.00 - $20.00... Totally worth it tho!

      Todai was talked-up by my brother and aunt in California, but when they opened up here, I went 3 times... Each time the items---all of the items---looked good but tasted BLAH!
      Bad news! So I'm not surprised to read just now that they're outta here...

      1. Yap ! Todai has been closed for long time. I am not surprised. Terrible food !!
        I heard Todai ( at California ) is much much better. anyway,
        I just wondering, how come you guys want to go Chinese buffet here ?
        Some of place is just OK but most place are unhealthy BAD BAD food.
        I have no idea where do you coming from but we have a lot of
        great seafood restaurant and other great restaurant in this area.
        You will be able to get Chinese buffet anywhere so why don't you
        get real "Floridian food "

        1. My fav Chinses Buffet is Hoa Wah on South Dale Mabry, just north of Bay to Bay Blvd.

          1. i've never had a chinese buffet that i would go back to. Both of the ones on Fowler are an utter waste of time. If you want Chinese food, check out China Yuan.

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              funny when i read this post of mine recently, i thought I was a little harsh on Chinese buffets. Then i went to Crazy Buffet a few days ago and it all came rushing back to me.

              The sushi was stale and all the flavor was gone, or at least all of the appealing flavor. Pho broth was salty and noodles were dried out rubber.

              The Chinese food itself was the same as i remember from all the other buffets. Chinese food, which is meant to be served fresh from the wok, simply does not translate well at the buffet. everything tastes the same. sodden noodles. rolls mushy on one side, crispy on the other. my appetite vaporized. I wasn't event interested in the hibachi. at least the check was about $10, but i just can't bear Chinese buffets. More power to those who can.

              I enjoyed the Ginza buffet recently, mainly because the sushi was decent and the Korean specialties didn't suffer in the steamers.

              1. re: andy huse

                We got there at opening time on a Sat about a month ago and the sushi was great, as was the duck. That was all I really ate though. I don't usually eat the hot food. I am going to go to Ginza again soon. I was there for lunch about 6 months ago and it was good.

                Ginza Restaurant
                2215 Collier Pkwy, Land O Lakes, FL 34639

                1. re: rhnault

                  i got there at noon. just not my bag.